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January 20, 2019

Hema Malini in car crash, child dead

BJP MP and Bollywood actress Hema Malini was in an automobile accident last Thursday evening in Rajasthan. Her high end luxury Mercedes Benz hit a Maruti Alto in which five people were travelling, including a four-year-old girl who died in the crash. A senior police officer from Dausa, where the accident took place about 60 km from state capital Jaipur, said on Thursday night, “The Mercedes was allegedly speeding and went over the divider.” However, he said the driver of the Alto may not have been paying attention while joining the section of the highway where the collision took place.

Malini, 66, was not seriously hurt though photographs emerged of her badly damaged car and of the actress holding a handkerchief to her bloodied forehead.

As usual, social media users decided to give their opinions on the crash and demanded that Malini be arrested. Others said she fled the scene without helping and called the media inhumane for not highlighting the dead girl’s family’s plight. What utter stupidity, I thought. Hema wasn’t the one driving and I believe her driver has been arrested. In the interim, how is it inhumane to talk about Hema’s injuries? Just because she is a celebrity, doesn’t make less human. She didn’t flee the scene. Well wishers stopped to rush the victims to nearby hospitals.

Esha Deol, Hema’s eldest daughter, has since spoken about the accident. “My mother will help the families of the victims. She is doing this not because she is a neta (leader) but because she is a good human being. My mother was asleep when the accident happened though she had told everyone to wear their seat belts. Suddenly we felt a jolt from the rear side. Everyone was in shock. My mother and the other victims were not in a condition to comprehend anything but we are sad that a family has lost a dear one,” Esha said.

She said her mother has been advised to rest for now.

Just Bollywood team offers condolences to the little girl’s family and a quick recovery to Hema.


Unicef ambassador Priyanka Chopra speaks on anaemia

Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, Priyanka Chopra (pictured), recently interacted with a group of adolescents in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, and discussed important issues affecting their lives including nutrition and, particularly, ways to prevent anaemia.

“Anaemia is a big problem that young girls and boys are facing across the country but it is one that has a simple, workable solution. Iron Folic Acid (IFA) tablets once a week and de-worming tablets every six months. It really is that simple,” Chopra said.

“A major symptom of anaemia is fatigue, which not only impacts the physical but mental potential of young people across the country. The IFA tablets are a simple solution and one that is available across the country due to the consistent efforts of the Government of India and Unicef. We need to create awareness about the effects of anaemia and also how easy and effective the treatment is. The young generation of today is our future and in order for them to realise their full potential, they need to not only understand the importance of good health but also be aware of what is available to aid them in that process,” she adds.





Getting into the industry was not really a walk in the park for Freida Pinto (pictured). Before getting her big break, Freida modelled for high-end brands for almost two years. She also worked as a television presenter for a travel show named Full Circle.

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