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February 22, 2019

'A Small Family Business' play at the Oshwal Junior Academy

Cast members of the play
Cast members of the play

English playwright Alan Ayckbourn’s A Small Family Business on entrepreneurial greed was first performed in England in 1987.

Oshwal Junior Academy performed a rendition of the same during the institution’s annual school play on Saturday. Directed by drama teacher Shem Agunga, who was also celebrating his birthday, the evening was a great success.

The cast included Mae Ahmed, Shanil Raghvani, Siddharth Vasudev, Parth Sharma, Twinkle Pethad, Dhir Bid, Priyal Popat, Raul Johnson, Kshitij Bhardwaj, Sally Kigathi, Sharfah Shakil, Roocha Thakker and Nicole Mutung’a.

Proceeds from the show went to the Faraja Cancer Care Centre.

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