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November 15, 2018

Daisy Ejang: I was almost aborted!

Daisy Ejang
Daisy Ejang

UGANDA’S sensational singer and former Tusker Project Fame finalist Daisy Ejang, was almost aborted.

In a candid interview with the Word Is, Daisy opened up about her humble background, including a confession by her late mother that she almost aborted her. The last born in a family of seven is, however glad that her mother took an abrupt “u-turn” in the nick of time.

She says, “I was singing on a stage one day when I was about 11 and my performance moved almost everyone in the audience to tears, including my mum. I had not seen her cry before and this bothered me. So, I later asked her why she was crying during my performance. She looked me in the eyes, with the most loving look I have ever received from her and told me. ‘My daughter, I almost aborted you.’ I was still young then and it wasn’t a big deal to me. Then I grew up and realised the meaning of it all.”

She adds: “We were raised in a slum where even other poor people called us poor. My mum had other six children before me and she told me that when she got pregnant with me, she just didn’t know how she would raise another child. Since she was a single mother, abortion was the only available option. But her Christian up-bringing wouldn’t let her do that. Even after making all the necessary arrangements with the doctor, she took a turn and vowed not to abort.”

“I just wish she was around to see how good that child she didn’t abort is doing. But I know she is happy and proud of me wherever she is,” says Daisy.

Now, the singer is planning to do a song that discourages abortions. She terms Sauti Sol-Amos & Josh anti-abortion track (Nerea) as the “most amazing song to have ever come out of Kenya.”

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