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February 17, 2019

Migori hotels upgrade to stay afloat

HOTELS in Migori have resorted to installing new infrastructure to attract visitors amid an oversupply of rooms in the county caused by a rise in new facilities.

New and upcoming hotels in the county have risen to 20, which have increased the total number of hotels in Migori to over 50.

The many hotels are competing for a small number of visitors amid the low tourism season across the country.

Hotels in the county's major towns of Migori, Kehancha, Isebania, Awendo, Rongo and Sori are operating below their capacity.

“We are currently undergoing a serious crisis following the drop in visitors coming to stay in many hotels as we operate below capacity, incurring huge loses,” Grabo County Dream hotel manager Chris Odero told the Star.

The hotel was the first hotel in Migori to install WiFi services in a bid to attract more clients.

The hotel has managed to attract more clients from regional companies and other walk-in clients with laptops and smart phones.

The proprietor of Florence Hotel in Migori town has built a swimming pool, the first among hotels in the town.

Florence’s general manager Robert Atalitsa said the hotel has now become popular among transit guests on safari to Serengeti, Maasai Mara and Ruma national parks.

Festus Okoth, a real estate developer in Migori County said the swimming pool has put Florence Hotel above the rest.

Other hotels in the county,Okoth added, are now building children parks and renovating their conference halls to remain in business.

“Hospitality sector in Migori is now a very competitive field as each and every time there are new entrants in the industry. Competition is now stiffer, forcing hotel investors to think outside the box,” Okoth said.

Aside from stiff competition in the market, hotels in the county said they have been hit by constant power outages and erratic water supply.

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