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November 15, 2018

Day in the life: Daisy Kanainza Nyongesa

Daisy Kanainza Nyongesa, Nominated Kakamega senator representing youths. Photo/MARYANNE GATHUKA
Daisy Kanainza Nyongesa, Nominated Kakamega senator representing youths. Photo/MARYANNE GATHUKA

Nominated Kakamega senator representing youths

Daisy, now 26, was born and bred in Vinyenya village, Likuyani subcounty. She went to Silver Bells Academy where she sat her KCPE exams and proceeded to Moi Girl’s Nangili. She then joined Masinde Muliro University where she graduated with a bachelor of education in English and Literature. It was while in campus that she became actively involved in both campus and national politics. She later became the ODM secretary general for Kakamega youths.

After graduating, Daisy was hired to teach by Man’gan’ga Secondary School BOG, earning a paltry Sh4,000 monthly salary. At some point her salary was reduced by Sh1,000 as she juggled between teaching and politics. She later resigned from the teaching job and fully joined politics. She was deeply involved in the ODM campaigns in the last general elections, and that was how she ended up in the Senate.

I am always out of bed by 5am.

I believe physical exercise is the best way to start off my day as it is a health booster, so I don't miss my sessions. Thereafter, we hold prayers together as a family, a routine I have maintained since childhood. My mother is a pastor, and we are staunch Christians.

I have my breakfast at 7am usually comprised of all vital nutrients. I, however, prefer potatoes and cassavas for breakfast because many a times I forego lunch. Normally I leave home for work after 8am.

I make sure I am at the Senate chambers by 9am, and the business of the day, mostly debates on Bills kicks off almost immediately. Depending on the subject of discussion, things at times get heated up, while other times the atmosphere is just cool.

I normally spend my lunch hour attending to my constituents. This is the time I meet Kenyan youths. So, I mostly skip lunch. If I have time to grab some thing, I prefer to have a quick snack on the go at 12.30pm. I spend my afternoons in the office or in Parliament. If in the House, debates on passage of bills continue. We are law makers.

I normally get home around 10pm after attending my evening lectures. I am doing a masters degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at Moi University city campus.

I love self-prepared meals so I cook my own dinner, and I have a bias toward carrot chapati, chicken, ugali and traditional vegetables. I eat dinner at 11pm.

Before retiring to bed I review my day. This includes activities engaged in, people I met, successes and challenges encountered if any. I then take a shower, pray and go to bed around 11.30pm.

On Saturdays, I participate in development projects across the country. Being a young person, I identify with challenges facing the youths, so I do my best to assist where I can. Other days I meet my family members and friends. I am an outgoing person.

Sunday is my best day. I dedicate all my time to God. So, I make sure I go to church. In the afternoon, I attend Bible study at my local church.

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