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January 22, 2019

Crystal Palace could just make Gerrard’s last home game a nightmare

Liverpool Vs Crystal Palace, Tonight 7:30pm
My Prediction: Reds... 2 Palace...1

Haiya! Are Liverpool still playing football? I thought they had quit the league and Steven Gerrard had taken off for the United States of money. Yes, it’s okay for him to go and earn his pension in California because there isn’t much left for him in England. Liverpool’s season has slowly been crumbling and their draw against Chelsea sealed their fate. Gerrard will leave with his team perhaps only qualifying for Europa. His claim to fame in his final season will be scoring a goal against the champions. Poor guy! Crystal Palace fought hard against United last weekend but couldn’t come away victorious. They played well though and if Liverpool are their usual selves, then Palace may just make Gerrard’s last home game a nightmare. Tickets to this game are selling in Liverpool for £1,300 so that fans can watch their Captain at Anfield for the last time. It will be an emotional game that Gerrard himself will want to score in. This will be a game of will power. Even though Liverpool are fighting for very little in terms of table standings, fan support for the captain is fantastic and may just drive proceedings.

Man United Vs Arsenal, Sunday 6pm,
My Prediction: Red Devils.... 1 Gunners...1

This is definitely the game of the weekend and one that has been made tough to predict by Arsenal beating United in the FA Cup a couple of weeks ago. Before that, United had been our bogie team but I believe that jinx has been broken. We no longer fear United. This season they’ve lost home games to Swansea, Southampton and just two weeks ago to West Brom, so I ask “what is Old Trafford?” It’s just a stadium. The stadium where Arsenal fans will teach them a lesson. We no longer fear RVP. Radamel Falcao is unhappy and unable to get results. Ironically the Most Valuable Player at United this season is the player who was an outcast just a season ago—Marouane Fellaini. He is the “hair”; I mean “man” that I fear most in this squad. And perhaps Mata as well. Arsene Wenger, however, needs to find a player who knows the direction of the net. We played well in the out-field during the Swansea game on Monday but none of our so-called strikers could find the back of the net. We will need one of our midfielders to be on target in this one. This will be a very cagey game with both teams not wanting to expose their below par defenses.

West Brom Vs Chelsea, Monday 10pm.
My Prediction: West Brom.....2 Blues...2

West Brom have had some big victories this season but they should also learn to win against small opposition to climb in the standings. They beat Manchester United two weeks ago and drew with Liverpool before that. They have wins against Southampton and Stoke under their belts as well this season. Last weekend it was evident that Chelsea have closed shop for the season and are just playing to enjoy themselves and not to win. West Brom want to finish in a better position and have the dedication from their players to do this. It will bruise Jose Mourinho’s ego if he loses to West Brom but it can happen. In all truthfulness, this game is meaningless so I’ll end this banter here.
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