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February 21, 2019

Gunners have Swans in their sights as the Devils look set to down Eagles

Ander Herrera celebrates after scoring the third goal for Manchester United Reuters / Darren Staples Livepic
Ander Herrera celebrates after scoring the third goal for Manchester United Reuters / Darren Staples Livepic

Crystal Palace Vs Manchester United 7:30pm

My Prediction: Palace 1-3 The Red Devils

Oh to be Crystal Palace. From a loss to West Brom, to a loss to Hull City and finally a loss to Chelsea last weekend. They play Man United as you can see and then Liverpool next weekend. On paper that run appears tough but then again; oh to Man United right now! A loss to Chelsea, Everton and then West Brom.

This is just so weird right now. It’s rare you have a clash from opposite ends of the standings where you can say that both clubs come into this at the back of three consecutive losses. I honestly don’t understand what is wrong with United. They have the pedigree and the coach to boot but they aren’ t getting the required results. I have no explanation for that at all except that I keep expecting them to turn things around and they keep refusing to. Last weekend I even declared how Arsenal would be fourth between full time of United’s game and the Hull City game, but alas we remained third. Palace are having it rough as well.

Last weekend wasn’t altogether fair as replays showed that Eden Hazard wasn’t really fouled in the box to lead to their penalty but that’s football.

You win some; you lose some. Both clubs will be hoping to save face and I believe LVG won’t allow yet another embarrassment in his quest to qualify for the Champions League. I’ve also realised that when I predict a United win; they always lose.

Chelsea Vs Liverpool Sunday 6pm

The Blues 2-2 The Reds

On paper this is a big tie. And only the fact that Chelsea have already won the league, can it still be qualified as a big tie. However Liverpool have been nothing like a big team this season and will only hope that the Blues will slow down now that they have won the title. But you know Jose Mourinho.

His ego will ensure the players do not slow down. Liverpool surprisingly beat QPR last weekend although once again they have captain Steven Gerrard to thank. That despite Gerrard failing to convert a penalty. Scoring the winner allowed him to maintain his super-duper status with the fans. The Reds desperately need a win following a couple of really poor performances.

I can’t help thinking Raheem Sterling has left the building; mentally at least. Last weekend he was not the energetic, talented little dynamo that we’ve come to respect. His heart is at a bigger club and now manager Brendan Rodgers needs to decide whether he will fight for Liverpool between now and the end of the season. The Reds are dreading not qualifying for the Champions League and here they have one heck of a hurdle to overcome. I think they can do it. I think that despite Mourinho wanting to win every game, the players will have probably switched off somewhat. If Liverpool can take advantage of that, then indeed they are truly rubbish! My Prediction:

Arsenal Vs Swansea Monday 10pm

My Prediction: The Gunners 3-1 The Swans

What is Swansea? In fact I wish Arsenal could meet Chelsea again because I am feeling so confident about what remains of this season that I wish it was already next season. The boys are riding high and the momentum is great! Dismissing Hull City in one half was pure joy!

Doing the same to Swansea on Monday will be heaven. Swansea struggled to beat Newcastle two weeks ago and to me that’s how I judge a teams currently form. Newcastle have become such an easy team to beat having won just one game in their last 10, losing the other nine.

So if struggling to beat them 3-2 is anything to go by, Swansea aren’t in great form right now. Arsenal on the other hand haven’t lost a game in their last ten, in fact the draw against Chelsea is our only blemish in the last 10 outings. Alexis, Cazorla, Per, Ramsey, we are all looking good right now that I don’t see the Swans giving us any competition at all.

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