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January 21, 2019

Mwangi: My calling is not in politics

Out of the over 400 medical students whose university education was sponsored by the Equity Foundation, 300 will be given a loan of Sh33 million each to set up a clinic in their home districts.

This initiative, according to Equity Group boss, James Mwangi addresses the problem of unemployment and access to affordable health all in one go. It further helps the bank grow its loan customers by 300 easily.

With such projects, it is no wonder Mwangi has grown as popular as the Equity brand to the extent some see him as a possible replacement of President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

However, the celebrated CEO says, his heart is and will never be in politics.

"My calling is very different. It is to empower people," he assures.

Furthermore, he says, he has a contract with Equity Group shareholders and directors that he will stay put until 2024 to oversee the 15-country expansion plan that the financial company has embarked on.

"By that time (2024) I will be too old to think about or join politics," says the 53 year old CEO.

He adds: "I am fully committed to the expansion project, because it is my legacy project, so barring any ill health i will be here (Equity Group) until end of my contract."



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