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January 20, 2019

Farmers get free seedlings

Trans Nzoia governor Patrick khaemba issues a farmer with coffee seedlings on Saturday/photo/NICHOLAS WAMALWA
Trans Nzoia governor Patrick khaemba issues a farmer with coffee seedlings on Saturday/photo/NICHOLAS WAMALWA

The Trans Nzoia government will in the next financial year supply coffee farmers with one million coffee seedlings.

Speaking at Kachibora in Cherangany during the official launching of the county integrated coffee productivity project,

Governor Patrick Khaemba said there is need for Trans Nzoia to diversify to other crops.

The county, he said, has started supplying 150,000 seedlings to farmers at a subsidised price of Sh10 per seedlings instead of the usual Sh25 per seedling.

“We encourage our farmers to plant the Batian type of coffee because it is high yielding and lucrative,” said Khaemba.

He spoke at Kachibora in Cherangany on Saturday when he officially launched  the County Integrated Coffee Productivity Project.

The county government used the event to launch chili farming. More than 50,000 seedlings were distributed to farmers.

The event was attended by Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority MD Alfred Busolo, National Assembly Agricultural Committee member Patrick Wangamati, deputy governor Stanley Tarus and representatives from Farm Africa and Thika Coffee Mills.

The county government assured farmers of a sustainable market for the two product.  Farm Africa will provide market for chilly while international organisations will buy the coffee.

Farm Africa and the county government will involve youth in the production of chilli to plant 100 acres in the county which will give out Sh100 million per year.

“As the national government plans to produce 40 million bags of maize at Gallana, we are worried this may affect maize market, that is why we have launched coffee and chilly to economically empower our farmers” said Khaemba.

Khaemba said his administration has procured 444,444 chili seedlings and 4000 grams of seeds which will be distributed freely to 50 farmers’ groups

Busolo asked the youth to start engaging in coffee production saying the average age of coffee farmers in the country is 60 years.

He cautioned cooperative societies against leadership wrangles.

In November last year, the county government launched tissue culture banana and will be starting chicken farming next month where 30,000 chicks have been procured to be supplied to farmers.


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