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February 21, 2019

My husband cheats in my dreams

My husband cheats in my dreams
My husband cheats in my dreams

I always dream of my husband cheating on me. It is very stressful to wake up with these images in my head. He says everything is okay and he isn’t cheating, but the dreams have not vanished. What should I do?

Wow, how horrible. Even from your short email I can tell that you feel like you are going crazy. Thoughts create our reality and you keep waking up as woman who is being cheated on, yet your husband is treating you like everything is normal.

During the day, we are bombarded with information – sights, smells, sounds, tastes and touch. This flood of information is difficult to process and try as our brains may, they have a backlog and they get to it when we sleep. Then the brain gets to analyse and file things away. During deep sleep we get to dream and whatever has been on our mind come to the fore for processing.

Human communication is less than 10% verbal, all the other information we take in from people is non-verbal. Tone of voice, cadence of speech, fidgeting, eye movements… All these tell us more about what people are saying than their actual words.

You might feel crazy but I would not be quick to dismiss your feelings and dreams. I have been cheated on twice in my life and both times, it is my gut and instincts that let me know that something was off in the relationship. I then prayed and God showed me, I found both men red-handed.

We take in a lot of information and a lot of it is processed sideways. We file the information away and our subconscious processes it in our dreams or at other times when we allow ourselves a moment of silence.

If you are a prayerful woman, pray. Perhaps you should give yourself a break from your man and your home? The answers are right in front of you but you might be too close to see them. Your subconscious is on your side. They are not here to harm you, rather to protect you so trust them.


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