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February 22, 2019

Mika Singh and Kanika Kapoor live

MIka and Kareena on stage with their band.
MIka and Kareena on stage with their band.

Mika Singh and Kanika Kapoor enthralled Nairobi in a live concert at the Carnivore Grounds on Saturday night.

Organized by Ranee Productions, Mika Singh, the roguish and lovable singer has performed in Nairobi before to a packed audience and this time was no different. The crowd was singing along with him and how can one not dance when Mika is setting the pace for a party?

Kanika Kapoor of the Baby Doll and Chittiyan Kallaiyan fame, performed for the first time in Kenya and her fans were thrilled especially when she pelted out her signature tunes.

Supporting sponsors were Barclays Bank, Diamond Plaza, Tribe Hotel, Alkash, Homeboyz, Radar and Global Watch.

After a superb performance, Mika then enjoyed some down time in the Maasai Mara as evident by his various facebook posts exclaiming; “I’m in haven.... #Masaimara in Kenya and “A very Lucky day for me in #MasaiMara! Got to see cheetahs in my first game drive! A rare opportunity it is to see them so close up! #Borntobewild

It was the first holiday the popular hitmaker has taken in a very long time saying “Done so much work in life this is the 1st time I took holidays. Guys I’m in heaven in Masai Mara! I will upload pictures of animal including me. Stay tuned Nairobi.”

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