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February 17, 2019

The bigger the breasts, the better the sex?

Between a large puffy-breasted lady and small-breasted lady, who will provide the better sweet love-making session?

You know what? I have no idea. Breasts in a lover are a huge turn off for me – being a heterosexual woman and all.

I do not know your current relationship status but I will say that one of the joys of being single is being able to answer questions like these through experience. Why don’t you find one of each and figure out what your preferences are?

Some men love big breasts, others love big butts. Some like skinny women and others like rotund ones… It takes all kinds to make a world.

But sex based purely on body parts is rather flat. The mere presence of body parts has never created a fantastic sex life. This is why you find men who love light-skinned women married and happy with dark-skinned women; and women who love tall men happy with short men. While sexual attraction has an undeniable visual aspect, it is layered with much more – the sound of a voice, our partner’s smell, their touch, emotional connection, humour, shared interests… I could go on and on.

Sex with someone you like, love, admire and, or, are attracted can be magical. It’s the stuff poets and songwriters write about. It’s the stuff that inspires art and even revolutionary action. From your question, I fear you might be looking at the sex conversation all wrong. To create a “sweet love-making session”, it will indeed require some physical attraction for your partner. But it should also involve complimenting her so that she understands that you desire her, and paying attention to what she tells you she likes, and also noting what she responds to and doing more of that…

You only get good in one way – to find that one person you like and practice, practice, practice.

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