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January 22, 2019

IPL open fails to impress

The opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League didn’t seem to have impressed anyone much, but that’s probably because it was being compared to the Super Bowl. Obviously when comparisons are made they’re always unfavourable.

Underwhelming as it was, big names like Anushka Sharma, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar couldn’t sustain the show. Glitches marred the show and I even caught up with Rishi Kapoor on Twitter complaining about the glare of the lights blinding everyone at the stadium.

The grand opening of the IPL may not have been that grand but the teams are all set to play well this year to win the title. Catch up with live updates of the Indian Premier League on East FM, daily.


Smoking warning to disappear?

Anti-smoking disclaimers, long a bone of contention between the censor board and film producers, is most likely to finally go, thanks to politicians belonging to the ruling party in India claiming that there is no definitive proof of cancer being linked to tobacco consumption.

So now it appears that the Indian government is on the verge of scrapping those statutory warnings that have long plagued producers.

Chairperson of the CBFC Pahlaj Nihlani (above) certainly seems to agree that the tobacco disclaimers should go from the films.

Says Nihlani, “As a filmmaker I know how painful it is to have anti-smoking videos inserted in the beginning and middle of your film. The first shot of the film establishes a rapport with the audience. Likewise just after interval you need to capture your audiences’ attention after they’ve gone out of the theatre to refresh themselves. When you take away the film from the director at those two crucial points of the story (the beginning and middle) you are essentially robbing him of his creative rights. That isn’t fair especially when you are not a smoker. Why should you have your film and the audiences’ mood spoilt? The anti-smoking disclaimers should go.”


Subhash Ghai signs Vidya Balan as the face of Gurukul

After Kaanchi, Subhash Ghai may be away from producing films in Bollywood, but the ‘showman’ has been concentrating on other projects. While he is busy with his film school Whistling Woods, now he has fulfilled yet another dream by starting a meditation centre titled Gurukul.

Moreover, Subhash Ghai has also got Vidya Balan (pictured) on board to be the face of Gurukul. Stating that Vidya is the only ‘non-cosmetic actress’ in the industry, Ghai further mentioned about how the actress immediately gave a nod when he approached her and added, that she decided to be the face of it to learn more about meditation.

Elaborating on the concept of Gurukul, Ghai maintained that actors looking for peace and serenity can visit his meditation centre wherein they can relax and enjoy the benefits of nature instead opting for detox treatments abroad. Moreover, he also clarified that Gurukul will not promote any religion as it a concept solely resting on spirituality.

From what we hear, Vidya Balan and Subhash Ghai may also come together to start a classical music school in Gurukul. Ghai has expressed his desire to do so but hasn’t divulged any details on it.






Shreya Ghoshal started learning music aged four

Singing did not come to Shreya Ghoshal (below) by chance, but she had that singing keeda in her from childhood. She started learning music at a tender age of four. Her mother was her guru then and her first onstage performance was at their club’s annual function.



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