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February 19, 2019

Terrorism fugitive Fuad Abubakar back in Kenya, he is believed to be planning attacks

MASTERMIND: Fuad Abubakar and Jermaine Grant at Mombasa the Law Courts on August 15.
MASTERMIND: Fuad Abubakar and Jermaine Grant at Mombasa the Law Courts on August 15.

 TERROR fugitive Fuad Abubakar Manswab, a mastermind of the December 20, 2011, foiled terrorist attack in Mombasa, has sneaked back into the country from Somalia.

Abubakar was once arrested alongside British national Jermaine Grant and two others in Mombasa, with explosives in a house within the Kisauni area, as they planned a major terror raid targeting key installations.

He and Grant were working with fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of London underground bomber Jermaine Lindsay.

The White Widow is said to be a financier of the al-Shabaab terror group in East Africa.

Their plot was thwarted by Kenyan Anti-Terror Police Unit officers, working with Scotland Yard counterterrorism detectives.

Latest intelligence reports confirm that Abubakar is among 10 terror suspects who have crossed into the country from Somalia.

Police have profiled the 10 suspects and released their names and photographs, seeking public support for their arrest.

Abubakar is suspected to be coordinating terror activities in this country by funding and training youth to fight in Somalia and later launch attacks in Kenya.

According to multiple police sources, who did not want to be named, Abubakar, who hails from the Majengo area of Mombasa, is among key militant leaders being sought by the authorities.

Mombasa County criminal investigations boss Henry Ondiek said Abubakar is on both local and international radar over links with terrorism activity.

“We have placed his name as among most dangerous terror suspects on the run in the country. His details have widely been shared among security agencies and we are urging for public support,” said Ondiek.

Ondiek could not deny or confirm whether Abubakar is back in the country.

Speaking to the Star yesterday, Ondiek warned that individuals found harbouring the terror suspects will also be arrested and charged.

Senior ATPU officers yesterday told the Star that there are conflicting reports on whether Abubakar was killed in Somalia or survived a KDF bombing of an al- Shabaab stronghold.

However, according to intelligence reports seen by the Star, Abubakar is planning to establish terror cells in Mombasa and recruit more youth to join the al -Shabaab group.

“We suspect he could also be planning to free British terrorist Grant and a Kenyan, Thabit Yahya, among others, from the Shimo la Tewa Maximum Security Prison,” said a senior police officer.

Abubakar was charged with being in possession of explosives, a member of an organised group and preparation to commit a felony.

He jumped bail in November 2011, after he and two suspects, Grant’s wife Warder Breikh Islam and Frank Ngala, were granted Sh20 million bond each and one surety by a Mombasa court.

An arrest warrant was issued and he has repeatedly ignored police summons.

Grant was charged with Abubakar and Warda Breik Islam with being in possession of explosive materials. Abubakar also denied another count – of harbouring an alien.

Abubakar escaped a police raid on October 28, 2012, where police gunned down terror suspects Omar Faraj, 30, and Titus Nabiswa, 27, a Muslim convert from Western Kenya, in the Majengo area of Mombasa.

Police sources said Abubakar escaped with bullet wounds after he jumped through a window during the raid by ATPU officers.

Police are also seeking Ismael Shosi Mohamed, aka Ismael Mmanga, a member of al-Shabaab in Mombasa.

Shosi is believed to be holed up within Majengo and Likoni, where his parents live.

“We have deployed undercover officers within Majengo, Old Town and Likoni, where we believe most al Shabaab returnees are hiding. We have also questioned relatives, but they have not revealed much,” said a senior police officer.

Detectives believe Shosi was behind the shooting of Mohamed Ibrahim, the senior CIU officer who was murdered in Old Town, Mombasa, three weeks ago.

Also wanted are Abubakar Majani and Hamisi Mwacheti, aka Bilal, aka Rasta.

Mmanga is said to be an associate of the Jeysh Ayman commander, Luqman Osman Issa, aka Shirwa.

Another terrorist on the list is Mahir Khalid Riziki, an associate of Ismael Shosi Mohamed and involved in the slaying of Sheikh Idris Mohamed and other clerics.


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