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January 20, 2019

Skrtel, Gerrard absence a blow for Liverpool as Gunners brace up for victory

Liverpool's Martin Skrtel
Liverpool's Martin Skrtel

Arsenal Vs Liverpool, Today 2:45pm,

My Prediction: Gunners....3 Reds...1


We at Arsenal owe Manchester United a thank you. This is such an important fixture for both teams but for some reason, I am very confident as a Gunner; thanks to Manchester United leaving Liverpool limping two weeks ago. Liverpool’s two red cards from the game against Manchester United will be key to determining the outcome of this game. Yes Martin Skrtel’s red card was for the same game even though it was awarded later. So a very depleted Reds will be coming to the grand Emirates Stadium to attempt to get three points. Not a chance! Arsenal’s form before the international break was decent enough to get three points; not beautiful but effective! We are on a roll! Arsenal have lost one game in the last ten and you have to go way back to the match against Tottenham on February 7 to find it. Liverpool lost their first game since Christmas against United two weeks ago but it will damage them for sure. They also have all this talk about Raheem Sterling being unsettled to deal with. Too much to handle. Focus is what my Gunners need and this will be a breeze.


Man United Vs Aston Villa, Today 5pm,

My Prediction: Red Devils..4 Villa...0


Guys clocks in Europe have changed and the main matches will kick off at 5pm and not 6pm; although if you miss this game you won’t exactly miss much. Haha Okay I take that back. Manchester United are looking good. Against Spurs and Liverpool they were in tip top shape and they are a serious force to reckon with once again. Aston Villa have been crap this season. They have two wins and eight losses in their last ten matches. Ouch! Infact I’ll tell the future. As of tomorrow, they will have nine losses and two wins in their last eleven games. I won’t even dwell on this game. Tim Sherwood hasn’t been in the job of managing Villa for long enough to turn things around but I know it will take time. Meeting United won’t do much for their confidence because they’ll be smashed today. Sherwood needs to focus on their next game to get results.


Chelsea Vs Stoke City Today 7:30pm

My Prediction: Blues... 2 Stoke...1


Boring Chelsea. You’ve already won the league and yet you are going through your worst period since the season started. The last ten games read like this: six wins, one loss and three draws. That isn’t great for ‘Champions-in-waiting’! Luckily you have that gap which can still be closed but I doubt it will be because other teams like Manchester City aren’t exactly at their best either. Stoke City haven’t been as rough as usual this term. They’ve been unable to sink many of the big teams and are even losing to teams like West Brom and Crystal Palace. But I remember about two seasons ago when they were having a bad run and then surprised everyone by taking points off a very inform Man City at the time. Anything can happen in this game and I’m tempted to predict a Chelsea win because I’m always wrong with them. In reality, I believe Chelsea will sink Stoke and get their title race back on track.

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