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February 23, 2019

An imposter? No just me being real, Arsenal had better be ready for Devils

Ashley Young celebrates scoring Manchester United's winning goal at Newcastle. Photo/Courtesy
Ashley Young celebrates scoring Manchester United's winning goal at Newcastle. Photo/Courtesy

Yaani, no-one thinks I can write anything positive about Manchester United, to the point where both Red Devils and Gunners think that my blog this week was written by an imposter. Come on guys! I’m softening in my old age and realising that speaking the truth sometimes is refreshing! And without repeating my blog here, I will say that LVG and his troops are beginning to gel and I always knew this would happen; just not so soon.

Man United will from now on be a force to reckon with, but as Arsenal fans we must always be ready! We are ahead of the Red Devils in the log but we still need to play them; so our focus should be on not dropping a single point to anyone! My hope is that by the time we meet the Devils they will have dropped points so the pressure on us won’t be so high.

If that game becomes a decider on the league position, then I know my Arsenal do not do well under pressure. Despite the fact it looks like Arsenal could even finish second in the league, I still have issues with manager Arsene Wenger and midweek international matches brought some of those issues to the fore. Wenger has this thing where he lets great players leave after their performance at Arsenal drops and I maintain that it’s Wenger who crushes them. Nicklas Bendtner scored a hat-trick for Denmark on Wednesday in their international friendly against the USA and I am not surprised.

There was a time when Bendtner would score fantastic goals for the Gunners but then his form appeared to drop. I say “appeared” because I just felt that Wenger changed the style of play which didn’t favour Bendtner. The Dane was used to receiving high balls and because of his height he was good at headers or breaking away from his marker to receive the ball and fire it into goal.

Even today Wenger discourages long high balls from midfield. Instead he encourages the players to keep the ball on the ground and cross into the box at a right angle from the wings. I’m not saying Wenger should change the style of play to suit a player; but I am saying don’t buy a player in the first place knowing what his strengths are and then frustrate him when he can’t score goals because the style doesn’t suit it. That said: I honestly don’t know what Wenger’s beef with Lukas Podolski was.

He was and still is a great player. When called upon by Wenger to play, he always delivered and he had the best attitude ever! So I honestly wonder how Wenger felt watching him score for the world champions midweek. Grrrr! Anyway I’ve committed to being positive until this season ends since I want good energy to see the Gunners finish second.

We also need to win the FA Cup again this season just so that our confidence can grow. But my message to Wenger is to stop letting great talent leave so that next season we can graduate from an FA Cup side to Premier League winners; and maybe, just maybe, we reach the quarters of the Champions League. Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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