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January 19, 2019

The next generation of 'Beyond Marathons'

It's official, mums are the new sexy. Once upon a time, getting pregnant was almost a death knell for a woman in many ways. Their careers and their social circles would drastically change as babies were only had by a special class of women – homely ladies that young women wouldn't want to be associated with. Their careers were affected with many women coming back from maternity leave, and finding their replacement sitting at their desk happily Facebooking like they used to.
The changes in attitude to pregnancy the last few years have been drastic. Women of all ages have started embracing their role of ensuring the continuity of the human race in various ways. Now you will see ladies who are pregnant proudly showing their baby bumps off to family and friends in the latest fashions. I have even seen the more well known in our society; we like calling them celebs, doing special shoots to show of the growth of their belly to the fans. The images either make it to the new specialists mother and child magazines such as Mums to Be and Pregnant Magazine.
   This new shift in the love for the mum was witnessed last Sunday morning as 15,000 men and women ran in a marathon that was conceived by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. The marathon is part of a campaign that aims at ensuring that no woman dies while giving birth; that they live Beyond Zero. Millions were raised to ensure there were facilities – fully equipped mobile clinics in all the counties – that ensure mothers can deliver safely. This initiative is so popular that even though Nairobi folks are usually unhappy to be inconvenienced by these Sunday marathons, this one was roundly applauded. 

As I watched events unfolding, I was as impressed like the rest of the Nairobi folks who can be very cynical when these kind of initiatives are happening because of charity fatigue. With the success of Beyond Zero, you can be sure to hear many of them with a similar name to get some of the shine of the First Lady. We are after all the people who have bands with names like Kayamba Afrika, Kayamba Fiesta and Kayamba Digital to cater to the same market. You can expect to see charities like:
a) Beyond Ten

No mother should have to lose her hair because of cleaning up after a child. This campaign would have the same modus operandi – marathons to raise money for mothers who have problems with their children until their first years of school. Mobile clinics will move around the country with trained counsellors to help mothers cope with the stress of children who keep leaving their clothes on the floor even after threats of, or actual violence.
b) Beyond Twenty

No mother should have to lose their sanity over a crazy teenager. The counsellors who will be coming in mobile clinics will be specially trained to help mothers cope with the teenagers who have appeared to be different from the adorable babies that they fed and clothed. These teenagers suddenly have their own very strong opinions about everything, and drive their parents up the wall. They do this extremely competently with their ability to arrive past the curfew time, sneaking around with friends who look to have dubious characters, and sporting hairstyles that the poor mother might consider satanic. With this therapy and possibly medication, the mother will be able to see through their child to adulthood with killing them.
c) Beyond Thirty Five

No mother should have to cope with their child living with them to old age. This will be a mobile clinic with nurses specially trained for the mother to cope with their children who decide they shall live at their parents home beyond a reasonable time. These are kids who were given the best education in schools that go for astronomical sums nowadays, and now they are in the job market. Unfortunately for the mother, while her friends' kids are getting jobs and moving up the career ladder – and even marrying and producing grandkids to spoil – these kids are very different. Even at the age of 35, this gentleman or lady is seen asking their parents for pocket money, and sneaking around the house all day and night as they are still unemployed. At this time, the counselling and medication is for both parents if available.


Sky World Lounge ,Tom Mboya Street


There is a place of enjoyment on Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi that keeps changing its name. Its most recent name was the Club N-Tyce. The club closed its doors for a while, and reopened recently under the name Sky World Lounge.

I went there on Monday evening with the plan to watch the big game between Manchester United and Arsenal – if there is one match that will fill the club in this town that is it. Just like with the previous club, I had to go up several flights of stairs to access it, and I even fell down, Mugabe style, at the second flight. This cannot be good for not just people in wheelchairs, but also those with issues of mobility, or those with a few cold beers in them.

When I eventually made it in, I was taken aback. This place was looking amazing. There were comfortable plush white seats at the centre of the place, with a bar counter across from the entrance. There was a little dance floor to the right of the venue where those who feel the need could dance to their hearts content.

I settled on the white seats and ordered my usual cold beer which was retailing at Sh200. The service from the lady in a white top with black stripes at the sleeves, and black skirt, could have been much better.

As I enjoyed my beer, I looked around this place which was confusing my brain – outside people were lining up for Double M buses, and here I was sitting in a world-class place. There were a few TVs around the place with video DJ Carlepton spinning hits from the 1990s, which was appreciated.

The place was rapidly filling up with Nairobi folks of different ages and both sexes; they looked more of the professional kind.

The upstairs section is just as plush as the lower area. From my vantage point, I could see there was a set up for a drum up there which told me that possibly one could watch live bands here. Next to the drum set was a life-size astronaut suit, which I suppose made sense as this was the Sky World Lounge.

A quick recap of the venue:

Good: Amazing décor, clean washrooms, a dance floor, TV for the football fans,

Bad: Disability unfriendly, emergency exits not convincing, service needs improving

My verdict: A world-class club on Downtown's Tom Mboya Street. Who could have imagined?

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