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February 23, 2019

Arsenal should get the better of United as Reds halt the Rovers run

Ashley Young celebrates scoring Manchester United's winning goal at Newcastle. Photo/Courtesy
Ashley Young celebrates scoring Manchester United's winning goal at Newcastle. Photo/Courtesy

Manchester United Vs Arsenal Monday 1045pm

My Prediction: The Red Devils 1-2 The Gunners

This is undoubtedly the most exciting match up in the FA Cup quarter finals; infact this would have served everyone better if these two teams had met up in the final. Of course on paper Man United is the stronger side with seven wins in the last ten games, and two draws. But as I’ve been saying for the past few weeks, I am confident that Arsenal is on a better run right now. Both teams got three points in the league fixtures mid week but despite QPR’s push after scoring their first goal. Arsenal’s win was more convincing. The confidence in the Gunners’ camp is amazing and manager Arsene Wenger just needs to tweak a few areas for the team to play more like a team.

Gabriel Paulista still needs to settle in quite a bit. He shows moments of brilliance but just has to fit in better to avoid some minor errors he’s making. Alexis Sanchez, while always a pleasure to watch, needs to also stop his tiny little errors. He missed out on an easy one midweek and then scored the harder one so I forgave him; but he needs to put away as many chances as possible, especially the easy ones.

Tomas Rosicky needs to be played more and so does Theo Walcott; I don’t know what Wenger is saving them for and I wish he wouldn’t. Start Walcott in the United match and we will get an early goal. The Red Devils meanwhile are really shaky. They were lucky that Newcastle weren’t awarded a first half penalty in their midweek game so I see it as if the referee gifted them three points. Somehow LVG still hasn’t solidified his first eleven and I’m hoping that he’ll still be groping in the dark come Monday. United have the talent on the pitch so I won’t even go into who’s fit to play; it doesn’t matter. So many players at United can score. Despite all this blaa blaa blaa this is the most competitive match up in England and has been for years. The rivalry between these two sides is unbearable sometimes but I believe United’s over-confidence, based on the statistics, will be their downfall.


Liverpool Vs Blackburn Sunday 7pm

My Prediction: The Reds 3-1 Rovers

Liverpool have not lost a league game since the year started. They are performing very similarly to this time last year when they had a big push in the new year and then lost it in the last month or so of the league. But this is the FA Cup; and their only chance of silverware this term. Manager Brendan Rodgers has a good thing going with Jordan Hendersen in fine form, with Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge providing solid support. Blackburn are 10th in the Championship with little chance of being promoted next term, so going far in the FA Cup is very important for them. They have just three losses in their last ten matches but they will step up to the plate against the Reds in this. Blackburn however won their first away match in four months midweek against Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship but playing at Anfield will be much harder than any away Championship match that they have faced this season. Pole sana Blackburn but you’re going no-where. The reason why I am not predicting the scores of the other FA Cup quarter final matches is because the final will come from these two games. Arsenal Vs Liverpool to be precise. But for now, here’s my prediction for this game.

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