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January 17, 2019

Chelsea and Arsenal FA Cup fixtures this weekend are no doubt a walk in the park

ON POINT: Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas celebrates after Chelsea bag all points at Crystal Palace. Photo/Reuters
ON POINT: Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas celebrates after Chelsea bag all points at Crystal Palace. Photo/Reuters

Chelsea Vs Bradford, Today 6pm,

My Prediction: Blues.. 5 Bradford...0

The funny thing about this game is that Jose Mourinho will still put forward a strong team to play. Ok at least two or three first team players with his second team. And his second team to Bradford will still be a David Vs Goliath situation. Bradford are in League One; that’s two leagues below the Premier League. They are 6th in League One while Chelsea are top of the entire pile. Wow! What a tough game it will be for the Blues. They really need to work hard here. Yeah right! This will be a walk in the park for Mourinho and his boys. They’re already in the 5th round.

 Liverpool Vs Bolton, Today 8:30pm

My Prediction: Reds.... 2 Bolton...1

Bolton sit 15th in the Champions but are actually going through a pretty decent streak in their league. They have only lost just one game in the last ten, with five wins and four draws. We all know Bolton well because early in the century they were regulars in the top flight. But they’ve been struggling for a while now and it is worrying when their star player is former Liverpool star Emile Heskey, who is now 37 years old. He’s relishing his return to Anfield but I wonder if his bones feel the same way. Liverpool impressed me by not letting Chelsea walk all over them in the League Cup midweek with Rahim Sterling looking in good shape. I don’t think Bolton will trouble the Reds particularly at home but Brendan Rodgers had better warn his troops not to go into battle over-confident.

Brighton Vs Arsenal, Tomorrow 7pm

My Prediction: Brighton.. 0 Gunners...3

Brighton will be a walk in the park. They are having a really rough time in the Championship. They’re 19th in the 24 team league having won just three of their last ten matches. Although the wins have come in the last four games. I still don’t think they’ll give a re-surging Arsenal much trouble. The confidence seen in the Gunners squad last weekend at the Etihad was a welcome surprise to all Arsenal fans; and I hope the team can carry on with that spirit. The talent is in the squad and I think Wenger should actually start our new 17 year old kid brother or bring him on as a substitute. What better way for us to really judge what our only January signing can do. It’s early days in the FA Cup and I believe all big league sides, including Arsenal, will just sail through to the next round.

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