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February 22, 2019

The joys of going back to school …

As a young girl, going back to school was signalled by the advertisements on television and the songs on radio. For those in my generation, I am sure you can remember the going back to school Bata adverts and the “Amuka, kumebamazuka tena, endeni mufanye kazi” song early every morning.

It meant getting together with friends after a long break and catching up on each other’s holidays. In almost all English classes, the first assignment was a composition on what one did over the holidays. If your holiday was boring, you learnt early to either look at the fun side of all things mundane or embellish.

The greatest thing about those first days in school was that somehow somehow the teachers never seemed ready to begin class and we got lots of play time and catch up time in between. One of my cousin’s was in class with me and we normally spent those first days catching up. Even now when I wake up to get the boys ready for school, I miss those good old songs.

In our house, opening day this term was a whole different ball game. First it fell on Toriah’s birthday which was both exciting for him but also boring. Reason being that, even though he was going to be with all his school friends and share his birthday cake with them, they could not spend the whole day out in the field playing soccer. To make up for this, he invited a few friends the Saturday prior and went to watch movies. Tony and I had to ferry them across town to watch a specific movie that all of them were raving about only to get there and find out it was age inappropriate. Being boys, they tried to convince us to let them watch it anyway, but we were adamant and they ended up watching a cartoon which they loved and eating tons of candied popcorn… I guess we all have our different tastes.

Secondly, Thayu is now a toddler and understands being left. After six or more weeks with his brothers, he woke up to an empty house wondering what happened to everyone. To add to this we have a new nanny. Fortunately for him, daddy had the day off and so he made the transition a little easier. Also the new nanny loves to play and this helped as they played ball and she let him ‘help’ wash clothes. Just when it looked like his brothers would never get home, it was four pm and they were home.

Tj on the other hand, is moving on towards high school study and he was pretty excited to go back. He has really grown up over the last year (both in height and responsibility) and was looking forward to going back and redeeming himself in class. Looking at all three, Tony and I were glad for the gap between Toriah and Thayu that would give us another ten years with Thayu as his brothers moved on.

It’s amazing how fast the time passes. Just the other day, it was Tj in Thayu’s place, all small and cutesy, now he is almost taller than me and we share the same shoe size; something that is driving me crazy as he has laid claim to all my sports shoes.

I honestly cannot tell when the time passed. But pass it did and that is why it is of utmost importance that we enjoy every moment of time we have with our children because if we don’t, we will look back and the years between holding that cute little baby and seeing off that strapping young man to college, will be a blank space. Once more I am glad I took the time out to enjoy the journey.

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