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January 20, 2019

Just announce on the mic…

I was invited to a wedding reception not too long ago. There I was, all dressed with in my Sunday best, the children all scrubbed up and looking lovely as we made our way to the wedding reception venue. The hosts welcomed us, we presented the gift to the bride and groom and went inside to mingle with familiar faces and find a place to sit. We were a bit early so we got a good table and we sat around watching people coming in, getting up to say hello to people we knew and take pictures of the table set up to upload on Instagram, as one does.

Soon enough the tables are filled up, Bhangra music played in the background, the bar was busy and every looked happy.

I was busy chatting to the lady next to me when suddenly a family member from the wedding party came up to me and said rather rudely to me, ‘What are you doing here? You should be there to announce that the dinner is ready.’ I looked up at him a bit confused. Why should I be announcing that dinner is being served? I told him I knew nothing of the sort and was not told to MC the event as I was there as a guest. He muttered something and stormed off and comes back with an elder member of the family who patronizingly said to me that I should “just have to go to the mic and announce”.

I got really offended at this. You come to my home, give me a personal invitation that my family and I honour. You have known all that time, you have a wedding in your home. For goodness sake, did you think of the day of the wedding reception to tell me to ‘just announce on the mic’?

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Out of courtesy, in the past, I’m gritted my teeth but did what I was told (not asked or requested). It’s a thankless job to have done it in the first place. I think that’s how word gets around and maybe that’s why I get invited to these weddings and events. I controlled my anger, didn’t say a word, got my children, walked out, went for fast food dressed in our finery and actually had a great day.

Look here, if you want me to MC your events, kindly let me know before, so that I can prepare myself for your big day. Also, I earn a living doing this so please don’t expect freebies. I have two children to bring up on my own and this costs money. Don’t insult my capabilities and intelligence by telling me ‘But you just have to announce on the mic’.

Thank you.

That’s how Kamal Kaur ensured she would never get invited to events and weddings and she lived happily ever after.


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