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November 21, 2018

How to cope with the end of the year 'blues'

How to cope with the end of the year 'blues'. Photo/COURTESY
How to cope with the end of the year 'blues'. Photo/COURTESY

While the end of this year for many will be a period of reflection and appreciating the gift of life for making it through the year – which to them was full of tragedies in our history as a country – some people do not see it that way. Could you be among those who remember with nostalgia when the year started and you believed that you could do and be anything? That glorious period in your life when you believed in your abilities and that you had all it took to make all your dreams come true? This was the year you would have done it all.

You would finally leave your bullying boss who takes pleasure in yelling at you and get that dream job whose salary is three times your current pay. Or that you and your on-and-off boyfriend would walk down the aisle in a wedding that will be featured prominently in all media channels. Or you would finally cut down your weight so that when you will be ushering in new year somewhere in a beach, you would show off your muscular physique with no unsightly human ‘tyres’. Or this would be the year you would be moving out of your parents’ house and start paying rent like a grownup - right in time for your 40th birthday in December.

Then the rumblings begin. A fake commercial enterprise called Black Friday when people in the US buy many goods at rock-bottom prices takes off locally, but you dismiss the concept as American. Then World Aids Day comes calling and you gasp, Jesus Christ! The year is coming to an end and you are nowhere near the promised land that you set off on at the beginning of the year!

Your job is as lousy as it was last year – if not worse – and your former boss was promoted, and the most annoying of your colleagues has replaced him. In fact, he is even more irritating than your former boss. On the other hand, your boyfriend who was a shoo-in for your husband proposed to another lass and is getting married. The only problem is that the woman he is set to marry in the society wedding of the year is a ‘hussy’ who you once considered your best friend.

Meanwhile, your weight which was slightly above the one recommended by health experts is so bad that some call you “the Michelin Man” behind your back. This is because while you had a few extra kilos around your waist at the start of the year, now you have ‘tyres’ – so big they can comfortably help a combine harvester harvest crops in one of those mega farms in the Rift Valley. Also, your 40th birthday has come and gone, and you are still sneaking in young girls to your parents’ house because you don’t want to annoy them.

This state of affairs can depress even the most positive thinkers, and it’s not the best way to get into what is considered the longest festive season of the year. To cope with this misery, try out these remedies:

(1) Accept and move on

There comes a time when you accept your lot in life. If you stay in your parents house, at least they feed you and ensure your clothes are clean, all free of charge. And who needs a husband to lord it over you demanding food when you want to watch your favourite series? Or why do you need to be working harder when promotion comes with even more responsibilities. So enjoy the space you are in and enjoy your holidays.

(2) Lower your expectations

Expectations can be a real problem. You claim to have done your best when deep in your heart you know this is not the truth. While your boss and colleague are burning the midnight oil to ensure their careers are on track, there are other ways of achieving your ambitions.

How about spending your free time compiling your English Premier League fantasy football team or Keeping Up With Kardashians. Keeping track of every football player statistics and choosing a team in another country weekly to get fantasy points is a more realistic use of your considerate talents. Alternatively, keeping up with the large derriered Kim Kardashian and her shenanigans on her many social media channels can be quite fulfilling. [email protected]

Venue review: Chef In A Box, Murang’a Road

The most famous place of leisure on Murang’a Road, just off Moi Avenue, is the Meridien Hotel. I was on my way there to watch the match on Saturday when I espied a little place with an unassuming name, Chef in A Box, on the same street. I walked in for the afternoon’s festivities as it looked to have fewer people and I needed to watch the game quietly.

The pub with black and red as the main colours, a few booths hugging the wall and a couple of tables with wooden seats at the very centre is really small. I had a seat at one of the booths and ordered a cold Tusker from the friendly waitress and the price for each of the drinks was going for Sh200, the new standard for Nairobi’s new lounges. Sigh.

When my beer came through I looked around me again. On the wall beside me was a tiny little oldschool blackboard, which was giving the day’s special and I quickly noted that every booth had these little boards next to them. Above the place there were two TVs screening the games where all the famous English clubs Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United were winning their matches. In between the games, the pub was playing contemporary music very loudly and I betrayed my age when I asked them to reduce the volume; interesting enough they did reduce the volume again until the next break when the music was raised even higher than before. I didn’t ask them to reduce the volume this time as I was terrified that when the next break came along they would be doubling the decibel levels.

The crowd in here was generally young men at the beginning of my encounter there but as the afternoon wore on I saw more ladies checking in.

The one thing that concerned me was that even as small as the place was without clear emergency exits it was very difficult to imagine an escape with only one visible entrance and exit to the place.

A quick recap of the venue

Good: Great location, decent décor and service, clean washrooms, TV for the sport fanatic, decent crowd.

Bad: No emergency exits

My verdict: Great for a quick beer in town as one waits for or meets a companion or watches the match.

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