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January 16, 2019

Get a woman to orgasm

Get a woman to orgasm. Photo/COURTESY
Get a woman to orgasm. Photo/COURTESY

So this is the last in a three-part series that posits that every adult should be able to get his or her partner to orgasm. In the first part we covered the less explored erogenous zones in both sexes, last week was all about the guys and this week… well this week is all about the ladies.

Before we start let me just say that Kenyan men have been called lazy and rough lovers but actually I have many emails that attest to a willingness to please, play and explore.

Ladies, Christmas has come early and that little bit of time you have in the morning because the kids are out of school can be put to great pleasurable use.

Guys, these erogenous zones are not for the faint of heart. They will take you a while to find but they are worth the trouble and your partner will be so thrilled and thirsty for you.

Different women respond differently so try everything even if your partner looks unenthusiastic at first. If however, she is in pain or disgusted you should of course stop.

So just where do you start?

1. The clitoris (also called the little man in the boat) – if you do not know where this button is, do not despair. Run your finger between her labia and down toward the entrance of her vagina. You should feel a little button and if you pay close attention, it will get hard and the hood that covers it will recede. Lick it, flick it, touch it lightly or gently roll your forefinger around it… let her moans tell you what works.

2. Perineum – last week, we called this ‘the taint’ and even women have one. This tiny spot is filled with nerve endings and is between the anus and the genitals. She may love it or hate it so pay attention.

3. U-spot – so ladies, you know where the pee comes out of? That little exit point is surrounded by erectile tissue, just above it and on either side. The U-spot’s erotic potential was only recently investigated by American clinical research workers… but our Ugandan neighbours have known about it for a while and their men are taught how to gently caress it with the tip of their penises. They call it kakyabali [pronounced kah-chah-vah-li] and I call it a reason to cross the border.

4. A-spot – This spot is so new it has all kinds of names like the AFE-zone or Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, or the epicenter. Just when we thought we knew everything going on in our panties, we hear that just like an earthquake, a woman has an epicenter. This spot is the equivalent of the male prostate and it is situated at the very end of the vaginal canal, near the cervix. Direct stimulation of this spot can produce violent orgasmic contractions.

So there you have it, a vital lesson for adulthood. If I have overlooked anything please let me know. [email protected]

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