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February 21, 2019

Anti-graft agency to probe Kiambu funds 'misappropriation'

CHECK: Kiambu county Assembly on September 17.Photo/Stanely Njenga
CHECK: Kiambu county Assembly on September 17.Photo/Stanely Njenga

THE Kiambu county government is working with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to bring corrupt officials to book. In a statement yesterday, county secretary Fredrick Kitema said cases of corruption and misappropriation of funds have been reported.

“The governor is determined to ensure no public funds are wasted and that all projects are audited,” he said. Kitema said the county asked the EACC to develop a corruption-prevention plan for the county. 

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in March. On October 15, EACC raised concerns over spending in some projects. The letter cited 15 allegations of alleged misappropriation of funds in construction of culvert works, rehabilitation and upgrading of markets, maintenance of roads, construction of footbridges, supply and delivery of murram and rehabilitation and upgrading of slaughterhouse access roads.

The anti-graft agency asked the county government to furnish it with all original documents for the procurements to facilitate investigations.

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