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January 20, 2019

For the love of a sister

I have a sister who is five years younger than I am. In fact she’s the youngest in the family and as we were growing up she was considered the baby and the ‘pet’ of the family. She was always the favoured child and anything she said or did was met with over-exaggerated oohs and aahs and my parents would regale her stories and wit at dinner parties and whenever guests came over. My brother is a middle child, so yes, that makes me the eldest, and the pair of us would just look on disgustedly while this invader of space took over the entire attention quota.

When my brother and I would fight, she would always pipe up ‘I’m going to tell Dad. I’m going to tell Mum.’ Eventually we got fed up of these threats, joined forces and beat her up instead. Of course we were always yelled at but the smugness of teaching her a lesson was usually immense.

Years went by and suddenly we were getting along like civilized people. The little one chose to go study in Scotland and all I remember was that I didn’t have to share a bedroom anymore. Then I got married off and our means of communication was letters and printed photographs sent in the post with ‘Do Not Bend’ imprinted on the envelopes and the postal system ignoring such simple requests by squeezing these envelopes through those small cubbies that we call postal boxes.

Eventually she got married too and chose to stay in Scotland, thus giving us a great holiday destination albeit a rather cold one, and that was that. We now keep in touch electronically – there are so many ways and means to communicate these days and video calls are actually the best.

Early this week she arrived in Kenya for a visit with her family and we’ve been having a wonderful time. It’s always nice to squeeze her little kids tight. We miss them a lot and also miss out on them growing up, their birthdays and other special milestones. Family time is always so wonderful and therapeutic.

One thing about my sister and me is that we complete each other’s sentences, we laugh a lot and if a third person was to sit in on our conversations, they’d not understand much. We dart from one topic to another, reminisce, laugh some more and then repeat the cycle.

I’m very close to my sister and also my cousin sisters. Well, most of them! We seem to have this silent network amongst us where we are there for each other no matter what the distance or the circumstances. Also we don’t let anyone mess with the other and always vow to destroy anyone who dares upset the other.

My bond with all my brothers is strong but the one I have with my sisters is a rather special one. Also, we all know that only a woman can empower another woman. I’ll sign this off by telling you to think of a very cheesy sisterly quote and to have a wonderful weekend!


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