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February 21, 2019

Vishal Dadlani turns it up for Happy New Year

It’s no secret that Vishal and Shekhar are my favourite music directors in mainstream Bollywood and that I practically stalk Vishal on social media for any bit of news that he shares with his fans, friends, followers and er, stalkers. This week Vishal posted a picture of him wearing a studded jacket with a very funky shirt inside, complete with eyewear and hip-wear that matched. Hip-wear, you ask? Yes. A bright orange belly-dancing scarf was tied around his hips, matching his black and reflective orange eyewear. No, Vishal hadn’t lost his marbles at all. He had apparently been roped in by Farah Khanfor her upcoming film, Happy New Year which releases soon. His attire was  for a song sequence.

This is what Vishal said on social media.

"And Farah Khan has done it again! Or rather, gotten me to do it, again!". He also added a 'Disclaimer' stating "This is neither the most embarrassing nor most ridiculous thing I've done in #HappyNewYear !" . He also tweeted the same image, this time with the caption, "The beautiful insanity of shooting for @TheFarahKhan 's legendary cast and crew song! #HNY"

When I caught up with Vishal, I asked him to tell me something about his new look. I mean, he had to be forced into the posh suits for his look as an Indian Idol Junior judge, and he is most comfortable in rock tees with some message or artwork splattered on them.

He laughed and replied: Ahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahaha!

It's just the costume Farah picked for me, for the shoot of her last song, which always features the entire cast and crew. Nothing more to it, really.

Shekhar and I are wearing similar, utterly insane outfits.

Give credit where it’s due. Vishal is one person who is always up for a good laugh – even if it means laughing at himself. Recently he did a spoof song of the V & S track Radha from Student of the Year after Alia Bhatt appeared in a production by All India Bakchod, highlighting her ability to laugh at herself. Another story for another day but Vishal voiced the Lithium Song in this spoof and garnered a lot of laughs and respect for it.

“I do like a good laugh. And I think a musician who doesn't have a sense of humour, hasn't really got the point of music! ;)” he wrote.  

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – Vishal, I’m a fan for life, even if you decide to adopt the belly-dancing scarf as a fashion statement. You are still a hottie.



Bollywood child star in prostitution racket

A former Bollywood child star has been arrested in a prostitution raid after admitting she turned to it because she made the ‘wrong choices’ in her film career.

Shweta Prasad is best-known for her lead role in 2002 film Makdee at the age of 11 where she played a young girl captured by a witch. Now 23, Shweta was arrested in Hyderabad after becoming involved in the sex trade.

In a statement to police the actress revealed that she had been lured into prostitution after roles in Bollywood films dried up and she ran out of money.

She said: “Wrong selections in my career made me run out of money. It became difficult to meet my day-to-day expenses. When some people encouraged me to do prostitution, I did so to earn some money. There are many struggling heroines who are linked to this business. There is no other alternative but I repent for the mistake”.

Even though she is the victim in this racket and was arrested, alongside her were businessmen whose names would probably make for bigger headlines than Prasad's, it's as though Prasad was the only one in the hotel room.

Inspector P Murali Krishna of Hyderabad’s Banjara Hills police station said they are currently treating Prasad as a victim.

He said: “We have arrested the actress. We are treating her as a victim and she’s been sent to a rehabilitation home. We have arrested the person who exploited her and we are investigating if there are other girls been forced into the racket.”



Sonam Kapoor shares her unwanted opinion – again!

She’s known to run her mouth without thinking, give opinions especially when they’re not wanted, unabashed, unashamed and apologetic. She has rubbed many people in Bollywood the wrong way for being politically incorrect. In a recent interview, the Khoobsurat actress let it be known that she could only see Arjun Kapoor (her cousin) or Ranbir Kapoor play the role of Lakhan in the remake of Ram Lakhan, where the iconic character was portrayed by her father, Anil Kapoor.

 “It is an iconic character who is remembered even now. Dad has done a fantastic job at it. And now that Ram Lakhan is being remade, someone extremely powerful will be required to pull off the role.” When we questioned on who she would put her bets on, she went on. “Arjun Kapoor or Ranbir Kapoor will be the best suited to play Lakhan’s character.”

Khoobsurat releases on September 19 and Ram Lakhan will be Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar’s first joint venture.




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