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December 14, 2018

A Faithful Worker Who Can Find?

I read a quote the other day that has been an encouragement to me as I struggle in my current in between season. I am in that space that is becoming more and more common for most moms, in between domestic helps. With my two first children it was a breeze, I had only two; one worked for two years the other for ten. Since then it has been an uphill task as I ask what others before me have asked, “A faithful worker, who can find. She is more rare than jewels …”

For all my Bible reading friends I know that verse talks more about wives but as every woman knows, a faithful house help is precious. She can add value and make your journey so much easier or she can drive you to the nut house. I remember a conversation with my husband a few years back as he moaned the loss of one of his assistants. He kept talking about how faithful the gentleman was. It was amazing really because the gentleman was neither super skilled nor as creative as his current assistant. “Carole”, he kept telling me, “Nothing beats faithfulness. No matter how gifted a person is; the most important assets are faithfulness and loyalty”. I did not really get it then, but boy do I get it now.

I remember with nostalgia my last faithful worker. Like stated she had worked for us for ten years and she loved our boys like her siblings. As the boys grew so did she and eventually she left to pursue a career in early childhood education. We are still close and the boys look to her like their sister. The thing that stood out for us with her was the fact that she took us as her family and she genuinely cared both for the boys and her work. A faithful and hard worker, her work spoke for her.

A time came when the church my husband was working for began a kindergarten. It happened that at the same time, the girl needed an attachment place (she had been studying as she worked for us). Because she was known in the church and people had seen how she related with our children, she got the job. Later on she moved jobs to an international school to work as an assistant in the kindergarten. Her immediate supervisor knew about her from her husband who is a friend and once the opportunity presented itself she gave her the job.

Such is the reward of faithfulness. As I sit in waiting, I choose to believe that though rare, there are still ladies out there who are as faithful and who see their domestic work as both a profession and a vocation. I look forward for one more divine connection. I know it will happen because it has happened before. Thayu, like Tj and Toriah, will get an aunty who looks at him as more than another paycheck. I have faith it will happen, furthermore he is living proof that miracles do happen.

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