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December 16, 2018

We must give Welbeck the benefi t of doubt and hope that a miracle happens

Danny Welbeck!
Danny Welbeck!

Welbeck! Yes. That was the surprise guest that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had up his sleeve all summer. Danny Welbeck! I almost wish he hadn’t signed anyone early in the transfer window and surprised us with the last minute signing of Alexis Sanchez, but that too would have given us a very nervous start to the season.

Anyway, I don’t know why I am surprised because I have come to expect bad surprises from Wenger. It’s almost like déjà vu. This transfer window—his biggest job was to identify and “watch” great players—and then watch them being scooped up by other team.

He watched Mario Balotelli for a whole month and then we all watched him move to Liverpool; we watched Roic Lemy for much of the transfer window and then even after Olivier Giroud got injured, we watched the drama as he signed for Chelsea.

Some fans at the very least hoped he would have signed some experienced sharp shooters; if only to get the goals for us; but we all watched as Demba Ba went to Besiktas and Samuel Eto’o was signed by Everton. If he hadn’t signed Sanchez so early in the transfer window, I can guarantee you that he too would have been snatched from the jaws of Emirates by another big club.

Grrrrrr Wenger, when will you learn? The only reason Danny Welbeck wasn’t snatched up from under our noses was because no-one knew he was coming to Arsenal until the last minute and frankly, no-one of note would have snatched him I imagine. But let me stop being mean and begin to accept the inevitable. Arsenal will have to rely on Danny Welbeck for goals for much of this season. So perhaps I need to give him the benefit of a doubt and allow him to prove himself in our jersey.

In fact, with Welbeck confessing, as I’m sure most Man United players would, that he’s always fancied a move to the London club, I’ll imagine that such a feeling is an indication that he will be committed to seeing the Gunners succeed. Welbeck has amazing pace and did put a few goals in the back of the net for the Red Devils; although I hope he will do a lot more for Arsenal.

In the past, we’ve seen players fail at some clubs and succeed at others and vice versa. So we need to remain hopeful. Who knows, Welbeck may just become a Gunners great.

I say that “tongue in cheek” but he may just score against Manchester City next weekend and possibly get goals against his former employers at Old Trafford. Imagine as Gunners we can expect Wenger to frustrate us; and we can expect mediocrity during the transfer windows, but this is the only Arsenal we have.

And here are our options. Continue to complain until the January transfer window; or give Danny a chance to kick the ball for the Gunners and who knows, a miracle might just happen. Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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