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January 22, 2019

These close-call Arsenal results are not comforting

I have such mixed feelings as a Gunner this week. This is probably because we have literally scraped through two very vital games against opposition much “weaker” than we can expect to encounter this season.
Everton are one of the teams that give us trouble every season but if we are targeting to win the league, then it’s important for us to win such games. The trouble should come from fellow title contenders like Manchester City and Chelsea and maybe Liverpool. Teams like Everton, Tottenham and Manchester United shouldn’t give us any trouble in the league this term. Of course I’ve just added Man United there tongue in cheek as I won’t write them off until the transfer window closes. What Louis Van Gaal does in these remaining three days of the window will be vital in determining whether, or not, they will be a team to fear this term. Arsenal were lucky to get a point at Goodison Park and while I admire the comeback, I can’t help feeling we shouldn’t be putting ourselves in such compromising situations in the first place. We should have won that game outright, yet we found ourselves trailing 2-0 at half time and it was still 2-0 as we entered the last ten minutes of regular time.
So I’m proud at the comeback but not happy with just a point – if that makes any sense. On Wednesday we again put ourselves in a compromising situation by allowing the Turkish club to make us look ordinary at times on our own ground. Again we were lucky not to concede from the word go. The last 10 minutes or so of the game were the longest 10 minutes I’ve encountered this year. It felt more like 45 minutes. Infact injury time felt like it was ten minutes! We had so many opportunities to kill the game with The Ox and Alex Sanchez fluffing great chances. But I guess the sign of a champion side is one that can still get results on a bad day, and we did that. A few players like Sanchez, Ox, Debuchy and Santi Cazorla had a pretty decent game but we need everyone to step up all the time. This is why I have mixed feelings this week. It’s great that we got past Besiktas, but who are Besiktas when we need to get past the likes of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona if we are to win the Champions League. I’ll trust that we are still playing with early season jitters and that the team will get better as the season progresses. I noted a few communication break-downs between Sanchez and Mesut Ozil and I’ll blame that on the fact they haven’t really got to know each other’s game yet. Let me remain in my state of confusion for at least another three or so weeks before I can really judge which direction Arsenal are going this season. The bottom line though is that I am still hopeful. Stay with me on this guys! Let’s chat on @CarolRadull on twitter or
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