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February 17, 2019

I foresee a boring United game with most of their players out with injuries

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney scores a penalty against Queens Park Rangers.jpg
Manchester United's Wayne Rooney scores a penalty against Queens Park Rangers.jpg

Man United Vs Swansea, Today 2:45pm,

My Prediction: Red Devils... 1 Swans... 1

 Manchester United will have a shaky start to the season because manager Louis Van Gaal hasn’t finished putting the final touches to his main squad for the 2014/15 season. This weekend alone, he has injuries worries as well in Michael Carrick, Antonio Valencia, not to mention ‘new’ signing Luke Shaw who is struggling with a hamstring injury that will see him out for about a month. So who does Van Gaal have? Newly appointed Captain Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie, Ashley Young, Maroune Fellaini and Rafael in defence. I’m going to enjoy this game. It’s the reverse fixture of last season’s opening game; and one of the few matches that David Moyes actually won, but I don’t believe luck will be on United’s side today.

Players are unsettled as many expect to get the sack very soon. I looked at all the statistics and history on this game on the BBC website, and they are all in favour of a United win; but I just think the squad isn’t ready for the new season yet. Prodigal son Gylfi Sigurdsson will line-up against the likes of Wilfred Bony —if Liverpool haven’t snatched him up yet; and Jonjo Shelvey. Sounds like quite a boring line-up on Swansea’s part but teams with no superstars tend to play with more heart. I expect this opening game of the 2014/15 season to be so dull that fans will be demanding that the Arsenal game we brought forward.

 Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace, Today 7:30pm,

My Prediction: Gunners.... 3 Palace....0

 Arsenal could not have started the season in a better position. Fresh from winning the Community Shield and beating defending league champions Manchester City in the process, and then playing a club whose most successful manager in recent times leaves the club two days to the start of the league season. I would suggest that the EPL just give Arsenal the three points and two goals to signify a walk-over. I am that confident heading into the new season. Arsenal are looking good and even though the Germans are back in training, they aren’t likely to feature today. But they weren’t there on Sunday and Alexis Sanchez, Aaron Ramsey, Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla and squad delivered without him. I can finally see hunger in the eyes of the Gunners and I don’t believe they will lose any game to a “small” team this season. The situation at Palace is dire. Tony Pulis left because the club management failed to secure him any of his major transfer targets. That is a sign that the Palace squad is depleted and I respect Pulis for refusing to take responsibility of a weak side. I’m sure his targets were still that he must win his games. I feel so sorry for them but not sorry enough to want them to even get a point from this game.

 Liverpool Vs Southampton, Today 3:30pm,

My prediction: Reds....3 Saints.... 0

Liverpool are lucky. They are playing the whipping boys of the season. After a great 2013/14 season, it was expected that The Saints would lose most of their superstars. Manchester United, Arsenal and even Liverpool came calling for Southampton players after their best finish in two decades. So as critics have been saying for the past month or so, does Southampton expect their fat wallet to play for them this coming season. They have gone shopping in small clubs all over Europe but apart from our Kenyan Victor Wanyama, no player really stands out. Liverpool ran riot on Borussia Dortmund last weekend as if to try and show that they are fine without Luis Suarez, but they will only be fine in matches like this. The Reds will be no match up for the big boys. I won’t dwell too much on this game because the Reds will clinch this hands down before their trouble begins.

 Burnley Vs Chelsea Monday 10pm

My Prediction: Burnley.... 0 Blues.....4

If Liverpool were lucky with their opening fixture, Chelsea were one better. Chelsea owns the horse-shoe! Getting to play a team whose glory days were between 1946 and 1976 is the blessing in disguise that Chelsea needed to go top of the table after the opening weekend. Burnley have struggled to get into the Premier League and are one of those teams who will struggle to stay up. They simply don’t have the players or the budget to compete with the best teams in England. Chelsea are the complete opposite. They have invested in even more players in the summer and have a budget that’s the envy of most clubs in Europe not to mention a manager with a winning mentality. Jose Mourinho can even play his “B” team in this game and still win hands down. The only thing I appreciate about this fixture is that the result may give The Blues a false sense of security as we move to the second weekend of the season.

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