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February 20, 2019

The 'devil' makes Nairobians do things

If you follow the news in the mainstream media and social media platforms, you will quickly realise that something is not right in Kenya. It is only in our country that citizens would rush to Busia county because they have heard that there are free wives and other goodies up for grabs for Nambale residents.

In normal countries, 40-year-old men are not sheltered by their mothers, and despite the favour, they hack them to death with a panga. In normal countries, old men do not blame the devil when they sexually assault their granddaughters.

Going by the bizarre incidents, clearly all is not well with #TeamKenya. What would drive someone to commit such barbaric acts, and then blame them on 'the devil'. The devil has nothing to do with the decisions we make. People should be responsible for their actions.

The 'devil made me do it' defence should never arise when a person is facing serious criminal charges. I think the devil only tempts you into engaging in petty offences.

Take for instance, a gentleman who has asked a young woman out to a trendy coffee shop for a chat. His 'date' then decides to bring along three of her friends.

Upon seeing this, he immediately starts worrying that he may be seeing a woman beneath his station, probably a teenager, judging by her behaviour. This man is more than 25 years old, and he thought at his age he would never encounter women with such behaviour.

Oblivious of the hell the man is going through, the women have a whale of a time, and proceed to order from the highly-priced menu. He is left wondering what on earth hit him.

Unable to take it anymore, he feels he has no choice but to quietly leave the ladies, who are now giggling about something they have seen on their mobile phones. When he arrives at home and settles down to watch 1000 Ways to Die on DSTV, he receives a frantic call from his alleged date.

When he tells her he had 'to see a man about some quails', she demands that he sends her money to pay the bill, blaming him for spoiling the date.

He quickly sends her Sh500 for the coffee and a cake she ate but she demands more, which he politely declines. The rest of the evening, he ignores calls and text messages from her.

The next time they bump into each other, she demands an explanation for his unannounced exit the last time they were together. “The devil made me do it,” he says.

There is this young woman who can no longer cope with the high cost of living in the city. Working as a receptionist, and earning only Sh10,000, she has to pay a Sh6,000 rent for her bedsitter in Umoja Estate.

Her chances of getting a well-paying job are almost nil because she does not have a college education. She decides to cash in on her looks and starts the 'boyfriend roulette'.

She gets herself boyfriends to fulfill her diverse needs – one boyfriend to pay her rent, another for groceries, college fees and even for entertainment.

Her scam will be working quite well until one day all her boyfriends show up at her office to give her a birthday present. “The devil made me do it,” she says.

A person then decides Information Technology is the most lucrative career in the modern day, and goes on to hack a Twitter account as a badge of honour. He looks for a prominent social media user – government agencies are the main target as they have tens of thousands of followers.

Upon hacking their account, he posts innocuous messages that reads: “Twitter Bigwig X only has Sh45 in his bank account” or “Twitter Bigwig X claims to be dating Corazon, the socialite, yet he is dating Corazon, the househelp.”

When he eventually goes all out and states: “If the Twitter Bigwig X wants to find me, I am in the Cyber Cafe in Kenya Cinema computer 44.” He will be shocked when the guy on computer 45 turns to him and says: “How dare you hack my Twitter account you goon!” The guy then says: "The devil made me do it."

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