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February 21, 2019

Saying the wrong thing can sink your chances of getting that job

We all know that setting yourself apart from the crowd is crucial when you are at a job interview - but sometimes you can go a long way to making a good impression by not saying the wrong thing.
According to James Caan, International Business Awards Chairman of the Year, there are only five things you need to avoid to be on the road to success.
"People looking to fill a role will be looking for that something special which sets the very best candidates apart", he wrote in a post on LinkedIn. "To give yourself the best chance try to avoid these common mistakes and phrases".
If you are going for an interview, he writes that you need to be positive and inquisitive, making sure you never say "I don't know", or "I dislike my current job".
"You never want to turn the tone of the interview negative, even if you may be having a bad experience at your current job. All this does is make you seem like somebody who is difficult to manage."
He also comments that interviewees should be careful when asking about the salary, or how much holiday the job has: "They want staff to be ambitious, driven self-starters, not people who are just looking for an easy life."
Finally he comments on the all-important end of interview questions: "You want to show prospective employers how keen you are to get the role. The research you have done may have thrown up some interesting facts that you can ask about, or you may want to know about the scope for personal development.
"You may also wish to get some more information about your role or the working culture – either way it is important that the interview process is not one sided."
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