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November 20, 2018

Well I have to admit it, Arsene Wenger is off on the right foot this time

Well I have to admit it, Arsene Wenger is off on the right foot this time
Well I have to admit it, Arsene Wenger is off on the right foot this time

I didn’t believe I would ever be praising Arsene Wenger about a signing in mid July. Yes I would praise him on the 1st of September for a last minute acquisition but this early; before August? Not possible. He has pleasantly surprised me and many other Gunners around the world by making lethal signings before the Gunners even embark on pre-season training. The signing of right back Mathieu Debuchy to replace Bacary Sagna is fitting. At 28 years old the Frenchman has a wealth of experience. Having been at Newcastle he is also not a stranger to English football. My concern over the years in signings such as Olivier Giroud, has been how these players shine in France but fail to match up to the rigours of the English league. Debuchy will settle right in, almost immediately. Alexis Sanchez was a brilliant signing and the quote from recovering Theo Walcott which reads: ‘With me and him on the flanks a lot of teams won’t be looking forward to playing Arsenal this year!” I like! Wenger also has his eye on Real Madrid and Germany’s Sami Khedira and hopefully that deal will be clinched soon to solidify our midfield. This is what I have always begged for; for signings to be made in July and not on the 31st of August.

It’s important for these players to gel with the team before we hit the ground running on the 9th of August with the Charity Shield clash against Manchester City. I still have one little but important concern though; the back-line. Wenger has concentrated so much on the attacking aspect of the game but our central defence is still shaky. I’m sure Per Mertesacker is always the first name on the team-sheet but who is the second. Laurent Koscielny is a great defender but very temperamental.

From experience, he will receive a red card or three during the season and we need adequate cover for him.

Otherwise I must say I am pretty pleased with Wenger this time around. Of course skeptics on social media are asking me whether I still want Wenger to go after what he has done in the transfer window, and sadly my answer is still yes. If it takes him nine years to make decent signings in all areas, then yes. We may have a potential league or even a Champions League winning squad once the transfer window is over, but I need to be reassured we will always have one. I need to be reassured that when things go wrong, intelligent changes will be made. And sadly having all these players doesn’t mean Wenger will select them accordingly. We put Lukas Podolski on the substitute bench for much of January yet we lacked fire-power up front. And Wenger somehow refuses to get rid of Abou Diaby. For now though I’m keeping the faith that at least next season will be brighter for the Gunners! Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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