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February 21, 2019

Mass Action Would Abuse The sacred Memory Of Sabasaba

For many years, Raila, I and others fought very hard for democracy and that is why we don’t have one party dictatorship today. Resultantly, I have a soft spot for Raila in my heart. But since democratic space opened up however, Raila has become a rabbit that runs with hounds.

When I see him in the company of Njonjo, Kalonzo, Githunguri, Wetangula, Mudavadi and other Kenyan right wingers, I have no doubt whatsoever that Raila is not the Joshua who will, on Sabasaba or any other day liberate all Kenyans without failure by delivering them to The Promised Land.

In fact, I have wondered whether Raila has become a second Prophet Owuor, who for power, will promise Kenyans heaven as Owuor, in the name of Jesus heals more sick people than Christ did.

To begin his mission of liberating Kenya, Raila has called President Uhuru and his Jubilee government to a national dialogue that is neither national - because Raila has only invited five delegates from Cord side and five delegates from Uhuru side – and nor is it a dialogue – because, rather than promise a free flow of ideas on the problems that bedevil Kenya, the Raila team, like a victorious army, is inviting Jubilee government like a vanquished enemy, not to discuss a common future, but read it surrender terms.

In fact the invitation to the national dialogue is couched in such blackmail – President Uhuru must come to the dialogue or he will be shaved without water – that it can only be to force the other side not to attend, in order to justify calling out masses on Sabasaba day for mass action that was in 2007-08 coded language for ethnic confrontations and blood letting.

However, had Raila been inviting the nation and not just Jubilee government to a dialogue and in respectful, not threatening language, most Kenyans would feel compelled to attend because there is no better alternative to war than dialogue.

As it is, even the agenda of Raila’s national dialogue is suspect. When Raila says he wants the Cord-Jubilee dialogue to discuss eradication of the menace of corruption, one remembers Raila was Prime Minister in the Kibali-Raila government of national unity, which approved Anglo-Leasing contracts and shared corruption between ODM and PNU partners in government.

What infallible cure to corruption could Raila have discovered and now wants to share with President Uhuru who bettered the government of national unity in defending corruption by continuing to make payments to Anglo Leasing and Ken Ren ghost companies.

Equally unconvincing is Cord’s second agenda of eliminating ethnic discrimination in the distribution of government jobs. But the Jubilee government must share government jobs on ethnic basis because it is a coalition of two ethnic coalitions of TNA and URP. Who has not heard Kalenjin MPs led by Alfred Keter complain that the Kalenjins are not getting their 50 per cent share of government jobs?

We know government jobs are shared between Jubilee ethnic partners because Jubilee is a government of ethnic coalitions whose politics and ideology are based on negative ethnicity.

But how can Cord have a cure for negative ethnicity and ethnic discrimination in distribution of government jobs when negative ethnicity is also the blood and soul of their politics and ideology?

If Cord won government tomorrow would they also not distribute government jobs first to their ethnic partners as we saw them do when they were in the Raila/Kibaki government of national unity? Did not ODM internal elections fail over sharing of seats to ethnic blocks?

As for curing insecurity, Raila and Kibaki took our army to Somalia to protect tourism that Western governments’ travel advisories have destroyed without firing a shot, which suggests a wrong diagnosis of the problem.

We also know that insecurity is fueled by youth unemployment which Raila cannot solve without embracing social democracy of Scandinavia, which he has long abandoned. How then can he have a cure for insecurity that Jubilee does not have?

Tragically, Raila also lacks moral authority to seek disbandment of IEBC for its general election fiasco because he too had an ODM election fiasco based on ethnic divisions in the party for which he has no cure yet.

Raila’s criticism of IEBC, while justified because, like Caesar’s wife, IEBC must stay above suspicion, it only reminds one of a Swahili proverb – the ape sees not its red backside – nyani haoni kundule.

Raila’s agendas for Cord’s national dialogue are red herrings. The real but denied agenda for the national dialogue is Raila’s return to power by hook or crook and by any means necessary.

Already, Raila says on Sabasaba, he will launch not a democratic but bloody revolution by masses that will be called to the streets to unleash violence and havoc in the streets because they are sovereign. But sovereignty of the people cannot justify, legitimize or excuse their perpetration of genocide, holocaust, inquisition or their own suicide.

To legitimize the revolution, Raila proposes to launch his revolution on Sabasaba that was launched to begin a revolution to end one party dictatorship and for democratic freedoms of speech, thought, assembly, media and change of government that should now be used to agitate for further changes rather than use mass action that will certainly turn violent and threaten the very survival of the nation.

But given that revolutions are risky gambles, who is encouraging and giving Raila so much confidence? Can it be western governments that have supported bloody and highly destructive Arab spring revolutions that have wrecked and destroyed countries like Libya? Does Raila want Kenya to be destroyed like Libya when he can fight for power without destroying the country using democratic means?

Raila definitely knows “the enemies of his enemies are his friends” who might unwittingly end up fighting for him – ICC, western powers, al Shabaab, Cord and Jubilee rebels.

Be that as it may, whatever Raila or anyone else does for power, no patriot should destroy the country for power. To echo the Bible, “Of what benefit will it be, if one gained the whole world but lost his soul?”

As we urge Raila not to abuse the memory of Sabasaba with mass action, we must also ask President Uhuru not to accumulate too many enemies in the name of Kenya. To survive, Kenyans needs more friends, not enemies.

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