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February 16, 2019

Let there be light

Last week I had quite a rant regarding my stima account. Apparently, the account number that I had belonged to a hospital and I found this out after reporting a blown up transformer in my neighbourhood. I tweeted Kenya Power’s account and, I’ve said this many times before, I will say it again, they got back to me promptly. This was followed up by the heart-attack inducing phone call telling me my account belonged to some hospital. I wasn’t sure how this was possible because I had literally copy pasted the previous tweets from my Direct Messages so I was very bewildered at being told it wasn’t my account number.

At around 9.13am on Friday I received an email from a Kenya Power employee who advised me to email Kenya Power’s official customer service email account and hoped my problem would be sorted out right away. While I was gratified to hear from someone, I was seriously skeptical that emailing a generic email account would solve my problem.

Since I was busy the whole week with a family wedding I resolved to follow this up again on Monday but it didn’t have to get to that because at around 5.30pm on the same day I got a call from a lovely lady who said she had gone through my archived tweets and that I had sent the wrong account number as I’d left out a digit, hence the confusion. She was extremely polite and jovial and very understanding of my woes and in all honesty I was very pleasantly surprised to have heard from someone on the same day – even that twice.

I decided to check my tweets again in the DM to see how come I made a mistake when all that time I’d been copy pasting the messages to Kenya Power. It turns out I had, indeed, left out one digit BUT this mistake had happened in 2013 and every time I reported a loss of stima and gave my account number it was that same copy pasted message.

So while my frustrations led me to shed tears and write about my woes, I also realised that I’d been copy pasting the SAME message with the WRONG account number right from 2013 down to 2014, but having said that, stima was always restored. In fact one time I had only 2-phase stima for over a week and I used the same wrong account number and yet someone came home to fix the problem.

I made a mistake in omitting a digit no doubt about that. What amuses me is that I used the same wrong account to report the loss of stima for almost a year! Having said that, I must concede and let it be known, no form of money or favour was exchanged to have this problem sorted, every staff member who contacted me was very polite indeed, and while their phone operators might need a little bit more tolerance on handling frustrated customers (yours is not an envious job, I always say!), the digital and social media team have come a long way in communicating and talking to irate customers rather wonderfully. It cannot be easy to deal with the likes of us when we call to take our frustrations out on you.

Thank you for sorting my problem out promptly. I do hope this was not done only because I happen to have a voice to be able to speak about it. I do hope such wonderful service and customer care, at this very level I was afforded, is given to all your customers equally. If yes, then we are surely on the way to changing the image of Kenya Power to a powerful one.

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