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February 20, 2019

Kenya Power Should Up Its Game

I write this in frustration. Never have I used the priviledge of having my voice being heard by many to fight my battles but this is becoming too much. I know I am not the only one with such a woe and someone somewhere needs to get out of the Rip Van Winkle slumber and get with the programme and do something.

Last week, in the early hours of the morning, I was woken up not by my alarm clock but a very loud bang. Post Westgate attack, any kind of loud noise scares the living daylights out of me and eventually when the adrenalin rush had calmed down a bit, I found out that an electricity transformer had blown up and there was no electricity in the entire estate. I did what all responsible people do — report the matter. You see, the thing is that people almost always assume that someone will report it and in fact no one ever does. I feel it’s better to have multiple reports than none at all.

Anyway, I sent a direct message on Twitter to Kenya Power whose team is actually very prompt in sorting my issues if reported through that medium. I sent a message which had my account number, my location and my phone number, stating what had happened and awaited a response in form of a reference number to know that it was being worked on.

Imagine my shock when I got a call saying that my account number was wrong and it belonged to some hospital. What nonsense! It’s the same account number I have had for over a decade. I’ve used the same number to report any problems, to pay bills and now suddenly I’m being told that the account number does not belong to me.

Eventually they did come and fix the immediate problem but I’m yet to hear from anyone at Kenya Power regarding my bigger problem with them. What on earth is going on? How is it after almost a decade, you suddenly decide that my account number belongs to someone else? I pay all my bills on time and I am a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen.

I have no idea what to do, how to go about fixing this or sorting it out and no one at Kenya Power is bothered or wants to help. Do they even have a website for me to find out how to sort this? Who knows? All Kenya Power knows is to send goons to bully us if the stima payment is overdue even by 23 minutes. When we have a problem, it falls on deaf ears and their customer service is horrid — especially the nasty people who I always seem to encounter when I phone in for help.

I also know I’m not the only Kenyan suffering like that. Check their Facebook and Twitter feeds and you’ll see how much abuse is poured at them every single hour. Is this how our country is going to achieve any kind of success? It’s so frustrating to be bullied like that and have no one help you.

Anyone at Kenya Power who wants to help me sort my maneno? Drop me an email and let’s talk. I want to know what corruption has gone on for me to have suddenly lost my decade old account number to a ‘hospital’.

What a big shame it is in this country that you have to ‘know someone in the right places’ to get your work done. Well, I don’t have any such connections but I am using this pen, which I hope is mightier than the sword, to sort out my woes. I’m really so upset that I’ve shed tears of frustration because of Kenya Power.

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