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February 20, 2019

The seven-year itch

 According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of the Seven Year Itch is a point that a lot of couple go through.

It is the point when you have been together so long that you are tired/bored with your partner, but you have not been together long enough to have accepted the rhythm that is being in a relationship. Some people miss being single and would like a different partner.

Other people just miss the freedom of being single and having no strings attached but they do not want another partner. It is a "rough" patch in a relationship.

 No I’m not in a complicated relationship where I’ve suddenly decided I’m going to go through this phase of boredom and move on.

On the contrary! This week I celebrated seven years at Radio Africa and what a wonderful journey it has been. From the time I walked into the studio at East FM for the first time to the time I saw my first article published in The Star and not forgetting seeing myself on television on Kiss TV, the journey has been incredible.

I won’t liken it to a roller coaster ride because those things make me want to hurl so I’ll liken it a thrilling adventure that I’ve had to share with the most exciting people I know.

 I take great pride in what I do and have never ever felt it’s ‘work’. They say doing what you want is freedom and enjoying what you do is happiness. I get a lump in my throat at that because I’m doing exactly what I love. I got asked what my dream job would be if I wasn’t in the media industry and I honestly couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do.

 Everyone goes through a time in life when their journey gets tough or littered with obstacles and mine hasn’t been any less. The thing that actually made the journey worthwhile in the past seven years that the Radio Africa family has always been there for me. People tell me that I should spend more time making memories than money, spend less time at work and blah blah blah.

I switch off. Some of my best memories are made with people I have met at work in the past seven years. Also, it’s not like I have a 9-5 desk job where I have to put in overtime hours.

Even putting in extra time at work is so much fun because it involves on-ground activations where you get to meet so many people and do so many fun things and the most awesome thing about it all is that my kids beg to hang out with me.

They love coming to work, recording adverts, learning how things work and best of all, they name-drop the famous aunts and uncles they have at work.

My son has already decided his future lies at Radio Africa (this is before he becomes the President of Kenya, as he put it) and I nod in approval.

The last seven years have been wonderful for me. I’ve grown wings and flown really high and there’s still nothing stopping me from reaching new heights and this is only because of the love and support I get. I’m looking forward to many more happy years at Radio Africa.

I’d toast myself with a glass of champagne but I’m yet to receive a bottle from Patrick Quarcoo…

 **exits gracefully**


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