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January 19, 2019

CK plan to unveil 2 national coaches ahead of Olympiad

Solution: 1…Rf8 2.Qe6 Qd8 3.c5 bxc5 4.bxc5 Rf6 winning the queen.
Solution: 1…Rf8 2.Qe6 Qd8 3.c5 bxc5 4.bxc5 Rf6 winning the queen.

Chess Kenya (CK) is set to unveil the 2 national team coaches for men and ladies teams respectively, this week. This comes after an advert for the positions went out last week, calling on interested individuals to send in their applications and several top players expressed their desire to guide the teams to glory at the 41st Olympiad in Tromso, Norway in August.

However, last Wednesday reports were rife in the Norwegian media that this biennial showpiece was running the risk of being cancelled - worst case scenario - because of a financial crisis. During the national budget, it was announced that the event will not get the additional 15 million NOK (about Sh.221.2m) to the already dispensed 75 million NOK (about Ksh.1.1bn).

Meanwhile, the Tanzania Chess Foundation (TCF), in conjunction with the Tanzania Chess Association (TCA) is set to host former five-time world champion, GM Viswanathan Anand, from June 1-5. He will play against Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) and conduct training in some schools and also preside over an international friendly between Kenya and Tanzania.

Kenya has been invited to send 9 World Chess Federation (FIDE) rated players below 2200 in an all-expenses paid trip, in a bid to help Tanzanian players get ratings and exposure. This international 9 round-robin format tournament will be played from June 4-8 at Golden Jubilee Tower in Dar es Salaam, with each player having 75 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per move to complete the game. Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa (KCF-A) are the sponsors of the Tanzania vs Kenya friendly, and Spicenet the Anand visit.

Puzzle: Find the best move for black (GM V.Anand) against white (GM R.Ponomariov) at the 73rd Tata Steel GMA in 2011.

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