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February 19, 2019

Where Is African Presidential Diplomacy To Save South Sudan

About two weeks ago, African and world leaders gathered in Rwanda to say “never again” to genocide in Rwanda. Apparently, however, African leaders were saying this with their tongues in the cheek.

Barely two weeks after the Rwanda genocide memorial, another horrific genocide is unfolding in Southern Sudan, already embroiled in an ethnic civil war whose causes are corruption and ethnic discrimination fuelled by negative ethnicity.

That negative ethnicity and corruption are igniting conflicts all over Africa means Africans are learning nothing from horrors of genocide and poverty.

Worse, many African and foreign “experts” are denying conflict in Southern Sudan is driven by negative ethnicity. Instead, they claim the unfolding genocide is fuelled by revenge which they disassociate from negative ethnicity.

But when somebody who is Nuer is killed by a Dinka and is revenged by killing, not the specific Dinka who killed the Nuer, but any Dinka, then that revenge is driven by negative ethnicity that motors genocide.

Tragically, Southern Sudan is not the only African country that is ravaged by genocide. Most African countries are dying from silent, unspoken about and stealthy genocides which nobody protests.

Even when a stealthy genocide transforms into a gargantuan killer of hundreds of thousands, those slowly dying from the genocidal glacier are already too numb to protest. They just watch and wait to be consumed by it.

Yet Africans are not dying from genocides because they love them but because they are already hypnotised by negative ethnicity that feeds them to the fires of genocide, when they are too numb to free themselves.

Not surprisingly, we hate being hated. But we love hating others and so much so that we would rather die than love somebody from an enemy community. And as we love hating others, we also love killing them.

Because they help us get rid of our ethnic enemies, we love our horrific genocides and don’t understand when the rest of the world protests against them.

But Africans don’t just hate Africans from other ethnic communities without a cause. They are driven to hate other Africans by negative ethnicity that pretends to transform ethnic hate into a tool of liberating individuals and communities alike.

Unfortunately, to protect capitalism, we have killed class ideology and replaced it with negative ethnicity that sanitises ethnic ticks that in turn glorify and propagate it as an ideology of liberating communities.

Architects of Cold War killed class ideology and forced people to embrace negative ethnicity as an ideology of fighting for collective interests. But if people could not be classes, they willingly became communities.

With all the benefits of helping leaders to come to power, people are also aware that negative ethnicity imposes on society terrible consequences like genocide. Yet it is so addictive and hypnotizing that people can hardly give it up.

In Southern Sudan, negative ethnicity is not fought because it is denied. Now it is fuelling genocide even as the whole world watches. Negative ethnicity is also not fought because it is the ladder that leaders climb to power. Hence, no country in Africa is fighting negative ethnicity. Even in Rwanda, Tutsi superiority has only replaced Hutu superiority.

Sometime there was hope that Africa could escape the scourges of negative ethnicity because the youth were unaffected by it. Unfortunately, champions of negative ethnicity must have realized this and made sure that they infected the youth with their leprosy of ethnic hate. Right now, the youth are stronger supporters of negative ethnicity that older people. This is why there is so little hope for Africa’s future.

Despite their superior education, Kenyan and African youth are worse victims of negative ethnicity than older people because they are greedier and will embrace any monster that promises them money. Yet negative ethnicity promises the youth jobs, power and money, even if it delivers them on a platter of ethnic hate.

Hitler was brought to power by the power of racism and anti-Semitism, twin sisters of negative ethnicity. Fortunately Europe has learnt its lesson from the Holocaust. Africa has suffered genocides in Rwanda, Darfur, Biafra and Congo but has learnt nothing from them.

Genocide is unfolding in Southern Sudan. Yet we are so eager to condemn its massacres but reluctant to fight and educate the world against negative ethnicity that we must nip in the bud to save Southern Sudan from genocide.

Is power so important that African leaders are willing to kill their people by millions just to get it? Is either President Salva Kiir of Southern Sudan or rebel leader Riek Machar so important that millions of Southern Sudanese will perish for either of them to get power? Negative ethnicity has completely distorted our thinking.

Negative ethnicity, the mother of genocide is not a creation of God but the devil. And for their sins of ommission and commission, all Africans are to blame for the genocide that is now unfolding in Southern Sudan.

For Africa that was only recently embroiled in presidential diplomacy to rescue African leaders from ICC, it is disappointing that there is not even ministerial diplomacy to save Southern Sudan from genocide. Unless they renounce their evil adherence to negative ethnicity and genocide for power, Africans will burn in the hottest fire of hell.

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