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February 19, 2019

Speech by chairman of Mchwa Estate

Good morning fellow residents of the best court in Mchwa Estate. I stand before you as the leader of the management committee that runs affairs of our beloved court. My main agenda today is to talk about our achievements, one year since we were elected into the office byan overwhelming majority.

We enacted the constitution in our estate and I was chosen to be the first President of our residents’ association. I take this as an honour. For the period that I’m going to be the chairman, I will ensure that the wishes of the drafters of the new rules of the estate and its founders are followed in law and in spirit.

The first thing that we all worry about as a group of Mchwans is the security of our families; our children and other family members are close to our hearts. As a management committee, we have started by hiring competent guards from Kali Sana Security to safeguard your lives and property.

The security guards have been patrolling the area with sniffer dogs and there have been few incident of insecurity. However, I recently got a complaint from a resident that one of the guards was seen sleeping  in the little enclosure that we had constructed to shelter the security staff.

I have also been informed that other guards have been spotted spending time in certain homes when theirowners are away. These homes are known to have househelps who welcome and serve them food and drinks that the owners have worked hard to get. Those who have househelps, I advise you to instruct them not to allow any visitor in the house in your absence.

Even as we investigate these anomalies, the estate management will continue to be vigilant. As you are aware, all residents now have to present a gate pass to access the court. Anyone who fails to present the pass will be deemed a hostile visitor and denied entry into any house. Even if you procure a title deed or lease agreement, your only entry to the court will be withyour gate pass..

The estate’s gate will be closed early due to the increasing insecurity in the country. With terrorists increasingly throwing grenades in restaurants, we must be vigilant lest we become victims.

From today henceforth, all gates into the estate will be closed at exactly 9pm instead of   11pm. All those who wish to access their houses after that will have to give the security committee advance notice, at least three working days before. Also, be informed that traffic jam does not count as a good excuse.

The smaller gates and sidewalks between homes will be sealed to ensure that intruders cannot access our estate anyhow..” To enforce this, walls of homes close to sidewalks have been brought down. Some people have been heard complaining that committee members who live next to sidewalks are just doing this to grab the land and increase the size of their homes. The truth is that we are putting ourselves in the line of fire for the sake of our fellow residents. I have been forced to lose my privacy as two sidewalks next to my house have been hived off for everyone's safety.

It’s not just the big things that have concerned our committee. We have also noticed that staff members have been having problems with some of the available facilities. The members of the flat complex at the end of the street have seen househelps fighting daily over the clothe lines after they are done with washing. They have gone as far as throwing clothes belonging to their neighbours on the dirty ground. To resolve this, we have decided that residents will be using the clothe lines in turns. This we hope, will go a long way in ensuring that we live in harmony.

We are however concerned about the entertainment systems that the homeowners have put in place. Some of you are playing music loudly during late hours thereby disturbing your neighbours.  To resolve this issue, we shall put restrictions on the sound levels in Mchwa Estate.

To enforce this directive, we have procured world class acoustic testing machines and whoever exceeds the recommended sound levels will be fined.

With these few remarks, I assure you that we shall have a wonderful experience at our estate.

Thank you,

John Mtunguyas


Management Committee,

Mchwa Estate.


Kali Sana Security

Chief Executive Officer

Mtunguyas Acoustic Testing Machines Ltd


Venue review: Oryx Lounge Bar, Jogoo Road

I spent last Friday in the east of the city, at a pub along Jogoo Road, just before the main turn off into Buruburu estate. Dubbed Oryx Lounge Bar, the pub is in a building that also houses Oryx Hotel.

Having been raised in Buruburu estate, I know that personal security is not guaranteed in this part of the city.  So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I walked into the area and found quite a decent place.

What you find at the Oryx is similar to what you expect in many pubs in town; a counter where one can sit and order and a lounge to the left with comfortable looking greenish seats. To the right, there were a few tables with seats around them, a sight you would find in many hotels that specialise in housing guests in Nairobi.

I made my way to the counter where there was a gorgeous young lady in a white blouse and black skirt. She was kind enough to serve my cold beer at Sh180.

The décor in this place is very good and compares favourably with some of the famous high end venues in town and Westlands. There were a few TVs I the place and my friendly waitress informed me that on weekends, the big matches from Europe are screened. At the entrance of the place, there was a huge montage with very attractive cheerleaders singing, which brought out the whole sports theme very nicely.

The crowd was very small. The punters were mainly older gentlemen in their forties although from the way the pub was set up, I was expecting to see some younger folks.

A few things that really worked for me was that the washrooms which were atthe back were spotlessly clean with water and toilet paper. Also, there are several exits, should there be a need to leave the building in a rush in case of emergency.

Good: Great décor, excellent service, clean washrooms, emergency exits sorted, disability access, sports fanatics can get their fix.

Bad: Extremely small, the general area doesn't inspire as far as safety is concerned.

My verdict: If one dropped this pub anywhere on Westlands Electric Avenue, it would not be out of place. Very nice little pub.


The author can be reached on twitter @jamesmurua


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