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February 22, 2019

Want to Impress Older Women?

Valentine, I am 24 and I have met a woman. She is 33 and I want to impress her during sex.  What do I do?


You lucky man!  I always love hearing about that first flash of interest when the whole world seems full of possibilities and you and your new beau can be and create anything. So exciting!

So you want to create a fantastic sexual experience?  There are the obvious erogenous zones – lips, the neck, ears, breasts, inner thighs and of course the vulva, clitoris and vagina.  Touching and kissing these areas will get a strong response and if you pay attention to what kind of touch or kiss your woman responds to and do more of that, she will be impressed.

However, I think you should start by noting some of the often overlooked female erogenous zones and paying particular attention to them before you ever get to the more obvious areas. Women need about 20 minutes of foreplay to be fully aroused so take your time.

  1. Scalp – gently touch your partners scalp, run your nails over it, massage firmly or pull their hair in the heat of the moment.  J if she has a weave, don’t do this.
  2. The butt – I know that this is sometimes said as an insult but do try kissing your woman’s booty cheeks.
  3. Mouth – it is no secret that I love kissing but before you go for the full on tongue twisting, how about touching her lips lightly with your fingers?  Start with one and slowly increase the number of fingers.  Try putting a finger or two into her mouth and watch for her response.  Push your fingers [no more than two] suggestively in and out of your lover’s mouth… now you can kiss your woman.
  4. Hands – these everyday things that we use for everything are very personal, sensitive and an erogenous zone.   Give your partner a hand massage especially in public and watch her struggle to remain poised.
  5. Feet – they respond best to firm touch.  If you feel a little funny about feet, try washing them first, then giving a massage and working your way up her legs.
  6. Stomach – try a light touch to begin with, especially as you get lower and closer to the genitals.  Try a firmer touch on the sides because we are all a little bit ticklish.

I am really happy for you J, happy that you want to make an impression and that you are looking forward to this and you want to treat this woman well.  That, in and of itself, will leave a mark.  You must also listen to your partner.  Find out what she likes, what works for her and get good at it.  Seeing as she is older, you could also ask her to teach you a few things; I think that is one of the benefits of dating an older woman.  Good luck J, use condoms and have fun.

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