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February 21, 2019

Is there something wrong with my girlfriend?

Valentine thanks for the good work,

Two questions that are really bothering me and no one is giving me the right answers,

1.        My new lady and I were making out and when I was done there was this white stuff all over my penis!  What is it and what do you think causes it?

2.       When pumping/riding what is this air that comes out of the vagina and what causes it?


Well Michael. I wanted to laugh when I first read your questions then I thought, actually, where does one get answers to these questions? Pornographic movies are a sanitized fantasy version of sex so ‘real stuff’ like what you are describing will simply not feature in them.

Before we get to your answers, let me point out two things:  ‘making out’ does not involve actual intercourse; rather it involves kissing and touching each other but typically everyone’s remains clothed.  Think of it as the kind of kissing you might do on a crowded dance floor.  The second is that you and your ‘new lady’ are having unprotected sex.  Please use condoms until you have discussed fidelity, had mutual HIV tests and developed a level of trust that is based on actual knowledge of each other’s characters and risk taking tendencies.  By calling her your ‘new lady’ I assumed you don’t know her well enough to gauge whether or not she would put you at risk through her sexual behaviour.

That said, we can look at your questions.  When a woman is turned on, her vagina lubricates itself and stretches in preparation for intercourse.  At rest, the typical vagina is about two inches long and it is not lubricated enough for sex.  As she gets turned on, your ‘new lady’s’ vagina stretches to about 4.5 inches, its walls swell up and it produces a water based lubricant.  Once you are having sex, as you push in and out, your penis drags some of this liquid out of the vagina and pushes some air back in.  The ‘white stuff’ you are seeing is this lubrication when it dries, and the air coming out (vagina fart) is what you pushed in there on your road to orgasm.

Michael, sex is not pretty.  It feels good but it has been the source of a lot of embarrassment, humiliation and shame for a lot of the human race.  This is why we must be careful how we speak to our partners and what we say about their bodies and our mutual experiences, especially if we hope that they will keep having sex with us.  That said there is a lot of room to express yourself and bring pleasure to yourself and those you love.  Have fun Michael and please use condoms?

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