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February 19, 2019

The naked truth, quite literally

Feed the needy, not the greedy.
Feed the needy, not the greedy.

I mentioned in this same column some time ago, the atrocities that are committed by some people in the name of religion. Of price mention was the issue of the tithe. The topic was of such interest that my email went viral. Most of the bashing, as it was expected, came from the clergy.

I was given numerous verses to read from the bible and from some articles written by well read theologians. I went through the article, but not the biblical verses. The biblical verses had their own grey areas that begged for more questions than answered mine.

I was almost persuaded to ask that question which most theologians hate to answer. Give me the verses. I will read. But while the articles were written by well-known people who had a strong resume, who wrote the bible? But I did not ask.

Recent developments indicate an upward trend in the same atrocities. These days, the ills of the people of the cloth have become almost an epidemic. It is not the tithe, or the misappropriation of church funds donated by poor people who sacrifice a family meal in order to give to God, and the rich who want to become richer with just a prayer and a seed.

The God’s bankers are now tired of the money, having gathered enough, I suppose, and gone to pinching young daughters of their congregation, or the mothers, or both, whichever is easier.

We have heard cases that have been well covered by the print media and the TV. It is well in the public domain, the preachers stealing away wives, and being caught in compromising situations in areas that one would never dream of finding a man of god.

When we went to school, we were taught by teachers who worked hard for the benefit of their pupils. Whatever they said to us, we believed without question. Because our teachers were worthy of their words. They practised what the preached.

They told us to contain our bodily feelings, and to understand what love meant before we went out to proclaim our love to girls. We believed them because they were never engaged in love affairs with students or even new teachers.

We went to religious leaders for concealing. They taught us how to live rightly, and we believed them. Because they lived holy lives and we could see. I never thought at any time I will one day sit in my office and question the authenticity of the preacher man.

Word has gone round of a church in one of the suburbs of Nairobi, which is doing a roaring business selling anointing oil. The target group for the healing faith is women and girls. They are being asked to make a reservation to go for cleansing during non-church days.

The administration of the anointing oil is done like the instructions when applying medicinal oil to the affected areas in the body. One can only guess what ails most women or girls in the church congregation.

Most of them will complain of having no children, or losing their husbands to competition. What they are told in this church, is to come at a certain date, and wear nothing on the affected parts. The oil is valuable and cannot be wasted. No drop should fall on clothes.

So the women and girls with reproductive problems or marital problems have to seek the help of the man of god, without pants or brassieres. They are to wear lose fitting dresses which can be offloaded with ease.

The reproductive parts of the women must be oiled separately and accurately to have the desired effect. When the baby comes, it will have to feed. So the food basket of the infant must also be blessed with the anointing oil, separately and accurately.

My fingers are embarrassed to type in the details of what goes on in the quiet interrogation and examination room in the church compound, christened 'the healing, or prayer room'.

Eventually, with luck, children will be born. But born of the church leader. Not born of the husband who waits patiently at home, cooking for the other children, as the mother goes for the healing 'Kesha'.

If you have to believe, and give your life to Jesus, then let it be JESUS. Not your thieving neighbour who saw some light and became a preacher man, and claims to own the hand of God.

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