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January 23, 2019

My boyfriend hates oral sex

Valentine my boyfriend agrees with Museveni, he will not give me oral sex.  He says that it is disgusting and that self-respecting Africans do not do things like that.  What do I do? In previous relationships I found that I really enjoy it and I have orgasms easier than from intercourse.


Well Maryanne, first of all this man is just a boyfriend not a husband so you can easily choose another person or you could find a way to inspire him as the man who sent me this email was inspired:

When it comes to oral sex I think am quite liberal and I love to give as often as I can. I'd do it every time too. This wasn't always so. Growing up, I found the thought of such close facial proximity to a vagina repulsive. The thought of my lips, leave alone tongue on a woman's privates was a no no no!

Then in a gym conversation with a pal I mentioned that I found cunnilingus disgusting and expected solid support.  I was shocked out of my comfort zone when he politely advised me that I was a fool. And if my lover ever got oral sex from another man, that would be the end of us. She'd dump me never to return. This was quite an awakening for me. Considering every man, me being as close to the top of the list as can be, believes they're the best in bed, no matter how far that is from the truth. I begrudgingly began making the mental shift as difficult to swallow as that was.

I finally saw the light however when I became friends with a couple of lesbians in the Emerald city. My new found friends wasted no time in gifting me with a book titled The Clitoral Truth. Somebody say Amen? I could feel the scales falling off my eyes. I've also read that the average vagina is cleaner than the mouth? Not to mention the sexual feel good chemicals from the female VIP part…pheromones perhaps?

To cut the long story short, I give more than I can take, and I love it. Other men should wake up.

I rarely publish advice from other readers, but Maryanne you needed to hear it from a man.  You can change his mind, and if not, if he remains adamant, you can find what you want.


Is it possible that Museveni has a vendetta against the gay because he believes that they are having a really great time with oral sex?  Could a great blowjob have changed his mind?  Who knows.  What I do know is that a calling your partners body parts disgusting is not the way to create great sex life.  A playful and experimental attitude though, that goes a long way, especially if you are married.  Marriage is too long to say ‘hell no’, I think instead we should entertain all of our spouses ideas (as long as they involve consenting adults), however crazy they may sound, if only to validate them as human beings. 

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