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January 22, 2019

Gunner Wenger has shot his bolt and needs to move on

Olivier Giroud
Olivier Giroud

Dear Arsene, strikers; or forwards as they are known, are the players on an association football team who play nearest to the opposing team’s goal, and are therefore most responsible for scoring goals.

Their advanced position and limited defensive responsibilities mean forwards normally score more goals than other players. This is the description of a forward, according to Wikipedia. I am just reminding Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger because he seems to think that Arsenal can survive with a theoretical striker, when what is needed is a practical one.

We don’t need a “wanna be” we need a “I am.” This isn’t News but the most frustrating thing is that January ended a while ago and the whole world except Wenger saw the need for Arsenal to buy a striker.

If Wenger didn’t see the need in January, I hope the match against Manchester United convinced him of that fact! Olivier Giroud simply isn’t world class! He may grow into that months down the line; but right now he isn’t! I’m sure Giroud has broken some sort of record in “missed chances.” Even Emmanuel Adebayor during his worst days wasn’t as bad. Adebayor, during his Arsenal days, needed about six chances to score; Giroud is proud to say he has moved that statistic to requiring 14 chances to score! Don’t look up that stat, I came up with 14 in my head.

I’m so bitter because it doesn’t make sense why and how the entire Arsenal fraternity in the world could see the need for a striker, but the one professional whose job it is to ensure we have an efficient team; doesn’t get it! I also take offence that Wenger seems to have something behind the scenes with Giroud.

Giroud can score as we saw early in the season, but he has been out of form for several months now! Lukas Podolski is a proven striker and yet Wenger sees no need to start him unless Giroud is injured! It was clear by half time that if Arsenal were to get a goal it would likely come from Santi Cazorla or even Tomas Rosicky; and yet Wenger lets Giroud play to the end. NKT! But as @kings_ori put it on twitter: Wenger believes “He (Giroud) is an important player. One day he shall score an important Goal!” That is so true of Wenger. I acknowledge that Wenger did well during his early years at Arsenal, but he’s out of ideas and it is time for him to go.

And don’t say my stance has changed; I’ve been saying this since our sixth trophyless season! I said this even when we were riding high in November and I maintain that it is time. Let us get a new manager, let us go through a transition period; even if it will be as tough as it is for Manchester United; but at least we will be striving “towards” something. Right now, we’re only striving “towards a ninth trophyless season!”

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