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November 21, 2018

How do I have a baby girl?

Hallo Valentine, kindly advise me on the procedures to follow so as to conceive a girl since I already have two boys.


 Well A.D you've asked the question Chinese families have been trying to answer forever. Though they want boys, not girls.There are many myths surrounding this subject, and a basket full of old wives tales, but the truth is, there are no ‘procedures to follow’.

 Each human being has a pair of chromosomes that determine their sex. Women are XX and men are XY. The sex of a child is determined by the sperm that a man produces.

The eggs that women are born with all contain the X chromosome, while sperm may have either the X or the Y chromosome. It would take a long biology lesson to explain the details but suffice it to say that when a sperm joins to an egg, they either form an XX union (baby girl) or an XY union (baby boy).

 When a woman ovulates, her woman’s body releases an egg (or two) each month and it sits in her fallopian tube awaiting fertilisation by a sperm.

Ovulation occurs about 12 days before a woman is due to start her period and studies show that the closer to ovulation a couple has sex, the higher the chances of having a boy.

This is because Y chromosome sperm supposedly swim fast and get to the egg first. The boy sperm however die quicker than X chromosome sperm so if you have sex three or four days before ovulation, when the egg is released it will meet X chromosome sperm. So theoretically if you have sex 15/16 days before your wife’s next period, chances are you will conceive a girl.

 It is not an exact science however because there are studies that show that some women just do not carry girl babies to term. A woman’s body is complex and just because fertilisation occurs, does not mean that the baby will implant properly into the uterus and grow to a fully formed baby.

 A.D, it is great that you want a baby girl, especially in a world that is pinning for boys. I hope you get your little girl and that she is all that daddy dreams she can be.


 Dear Valentine,

 I have a problem with my wife. I love sex so much but she doesn't want us to make love. At times she claims to be tired and sometimes she is not in the mood. What could be the problem?


 Well Duncan I am going to give you some politically incorrect advice: just do it, and stop asking. I am not advocating rape or force in any way.

Most women who, like your wife, claim they are not in the mood, report that if their partner ignores their protests and continues kissing them or touching them, they get aroused and their mood shifts and then they enjoy sex.

Rejection is hard to take so to keep touching someone who is looking at you sideways or not responding to your kisses is difficult but trust me, it will work if you persist. There is also nothing sexier than a man driven unapologetically by desire for us.

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