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January 19, 2019

Haiya! January Is Over

Haiya! January Is Over
Haiya! January Is Over

My column this morning is a bow to “” and a thank you to Valentine Hokah who sent me a message and a link to the blog saying “please, please share this with TG – This Generation. Valentine, allow me to differ with you a little and insist that this piece is important to all of us. From President Uhuru Kenyatta to the young girl in Standard eight who hopes to get over 400 marks in KCPE later on this year.

My friends – January is over. What have you done? Was this your mantra?

“I want to be a billionaire”.”

“I want to be promoted to CEO.”

“I want to run my own company.”

“I want to retire by 40.”

“I want to do my masters.”

January 2014 is over. What do you have to show for it in the name of checking off any item on your lofty to do list? Before you blame the quail egg fiasco, the tanker on Mombasa road, the rise in fuel prices and alcoblow, let’s see if Thinkers Room has a good idea on how your day looks.

6:00: {Alarm Rings}

6.01: {Snooze}

7:00: Wake up, shower, dress, breakfast

7:30: Stage

8:30: Arrive at work

8:31: Twitter. Facebook. Blogs

9:45: Email. Memos. Work

10:00: Tea

10:30: Twitter. Facebook. Blogs

11:15: Work

12:30: Twitter

12:50: Lunch

2:00: Return from lunch

2:01: Twitter. Facebook. Blogs

2:30: Work

3:30: Meeting

4:00: Work

4.30: Put out flyers on evening action – drink ups, nyama, coffee dates, movies, etc

5:00: Exit, stage left

6:00: Coffee joint

7:30: Local

9:00: Home

9:30: Supper

10:00: Movies / Series

12:00: Sleep

Rinse and repeat.

If indeed this is how you started January, woiye, before you know it, April will be here then August and you’ll be saying “heh that year has flown by!”

Then it will be December 2014 and you will be sitting around with a drink in hand saying the same thing as you look forward to 2015:

“I want to be a billionaire”. “I want to be promoted to CEO.” “I want to run my own company.” “I want to retire by 40.” “I want to do my masters.”

And before you know it another year has passed. The next thing you know you are married, have two children, car loans, a mortgage, and you’re posting on social media how horrible life is and this government is useless. Then comes New Year …

“I want to be a billionaire”.” “I want to be promoted to CEO.” Etc..

Notice anything? Your goal is no nearer than it was one, two, five, 10 or 25 years ago.

Why? Because you’re not doing anything consciously to move closer to your goal. You’re not making any traction. The ThinkersRoom on his/her blog, doesn’t explain what traction is, so allow me to. Traction is defined as the adhesive friction of a body on a surface on which it moves. It is typically associated with tyres, friction and slippery driving conditions. Its use is increasingly common in life and business and marketing strategies as well. Do you have traction? Are you “domo domo”only or do you actually go from speaking and wishing to actively doing. That doing is the traction.

You don’t just magically do your masters. Or magically become a millionaire. Or magically start a business. You must WORK at it. You must DO something. Want to lose weight?  Then the motion of hand to mouth must be measured, deliberate and also timed. You need to eat less and move more. Joining a gym is a waste of time and money if you don’t actually curve out the time to go and workout.

Oh yes, I hear you and so does Thinker’s Room – where will you find the time? We all wake up with the same 24hours. You won’t get more hours anywhere, so you must find time somewhere. You must make sacrifices. This requires you to cultivate discipline. You must be ready to say no to your friends. Ready to not follow the crowd. Ready to make tough choices. Ready to pass up fun for the greater goal.

You will have to actively participate in your destiny. I have a mantra on my FB page that says “Destiny is choice not chance. 

For some strange reason, a lot of us still think that magically something will happen to make our wishes, dreams and ambitions come true. No. That’s not about to happen.  The truth is, if you are somewhere you don’t like, or want to be; If you are in a relationship you don’t enjoy or a job you hate; If you are in a situation that means you will be singing the same silly song at the end of 2014; then know this – you are one decision away from being where you want to be.”

 To ensure that February 2014 doesn’t catch you flat-footed, you are going to have to fight for your dreams. A dream you don’t have to fight for isn’t a dream – it’s a nap. And while naps are delightful and best enjoyed on Sunday afternoon, they do very little to move you closer to your goals.

If you are ready to get off the sidelines in your own life, it only takes a DECISION to change your world. A DECISION is the only thing that separates you from your boss. A decision is the only thing standing between you and your masters degree, between you and that girl you keep wanting to ask out, between you and running your own company.

Make a decision. A DECISION is the only thing keeping you from living full out. If it gets to December 2014 and you find you are still reading out the list you had in 2011, 2012, 2013 and at the beginning of this year – then you know you have wasted your year. And that – that’s a pity.

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