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February 22, 2019

Don't just sit and wait, make things happen

EFFORT: Good things are sometimes hidden in the dirt.
EFFORT: Good things are sometimes hidden in the dirt.

Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs honour your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.Bradley Whitford

I rescued my cat from damnation somewhere in the streets of Nairobi. I brought it to Kajiado and fed it religiously for sic months. It grew to become a very beautiful and playful companion in the house. I never failed for a single day to make sure that Pokey had something to eat and some milk to go down with food. She literally lived because I was there. Without me, so I thought, Pokey would not live a day.

Then one day I was called upon to go out for a rescue mission that took me out of town for two days. There was so much to lose if I did not get to Mara in a hurry, Pokey was forgotten. I even forgot to leave Pokey food and water. It was not a consolation when I remembered I had also forgotten to close the window of my kitchen. I lived on the top floor of a block of apartments. The kitchen was at the back. So even if the cat was able to get out of the kitchen, she would only land on the back balcony. She could not jump over 20 meters to the ground level. She was doomed.

At the back of the flat, on the balcony, I kept my waste bin. I emptied the bin once a week. It was not the end of the week yet before I left for Mara. This meant that the bin had most of the leftover food for almost a week. Without a family then, most of my meals consisted of rice, noodles and spaghetti. The quickest food a bachelor can prepare. That was not the kind of food Pokey was used to eating. Maybe she did not even recognise that rice was food. So the option of turning to the waste bin for food for Pokey was wishful thinking. My cat was probably going to die of starvation by the time I got back. No one had my spare key for the flat that I could call upon to help feed the cat. I prepared for the worst.

I arrived back home on the evening of the third day. Before I got to the house, I bought a packet of milk and a piece of liver, in the hope that Pokey was not dead and needed careful reboot to life like I had done before. When I got inside the house, it was as quiet as a tomb. There was absolutely no life. I went to the kitchen. The window was still open but Pokey was not there. I figured out that she could have tried to jump all the way down, and did not survive the fall. I decided to make some tea for myself with the milk I had carried for Pokey. The liver would be my dinner.

I was busy in the kitchen when something soft and furry touched my legs. I looked down and there was Pokey! She had been sleeping on my chair at the study room. She was as healthy as before. She was looking even better! I was confused. The liver was on the table. She saw it but didn't bother. She just made contact as greetings and then hoisted herself on the kitchen window and disappeared behind the waste bin.

The jigsaw puzzle started fitting. Pokey lay very still and hidden behind the bin. Some birds, house sparrows to be exact, came and landed on the bin. They looked around and went inside the bin to look for rice. As soon as the birds went inside the bin, pokey jumped from her hiding place and on top of the bin. The birds had no escape from inside the bin. The cat quickly grabbed one of them and started playing with it before killing it and carefully plucking the feathers before eating the bird. Pokey had discovered how to make use of waste to get fresh food, in the absence of a tutor!

Make this year, the year to make it happen, yourself, right here. Serikali haisaidii!

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