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November 21, 2018

Enough Of Whining, Let's Get Back To Work

APPOINTING AUTHORITY: President Uhuru Kenyatta.
APPOINTING AUTHORITY: President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Musician Rocky Leon has a song that goes like this:


The sun is shining

and the grass is green

so quit your whining

and being mean


Good morning. Shut up! Quit whining, you’re making me tired! I’m fatigued. Yes, the year has just began, but I am already mentally exhausted. We are whining. Again. A lot.

The chorus of criticism from those who don’t agree with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointments is threatening to become the only thing we hear or talk about or even bother to comment on if we hope to feature in the news at 9pm, on the front page of the papers or even make for interesting conversation at the hair salon or the bar.

Criticism is always welcome, but criticism without options, solutions or even a basic suggestion which starts with the words “how about” is exhausting to listen to. I’d rather deal with the jokes from social media, than listen to adults whining. Stop it!

Now there are those of the opinion that the emptier our stomachs and our wallets are, the louder and more we whine and criticise, but surely we can try to offer options and solutions. No?

Then shut up. Surely there’s another way to start the day, start the year or even frigging get on with life. So you don’t like those who got appointed, heck, your teeth itch at the thought of Muthaura having a job (let’s face it, we’re fixated on Muthaura). Sawa. Alafu?

My friends, it is what it is and nothing will sap the life out of you faster than whining about things you cannot control. One of the single most amazing lessons I learnt about five years ago was “never make a priority of anyone who considers you an option.”

Your opinion on the appointments made by UhuRuto is nice — I won’t dare dismiss it as rubbish — but it won’t change anything. Those newly appointed women and men will take up office and get on with life, while you talk and as the Mswahili says “…kisha mutalala".

Get engaged in actions and conversations that actually yield some value for you. Yes, be selfish and apply the mantra of never wasting your energy on things you cannot control to everything in your life.

Complaining about traffic rather than getting up earlier, or leaving a little later is daft. Traffic in Nairobi is hell between 6.30am and 8.30am depending on where you are going or what part of town you come from.

Whining about the sun and the lack of a breeze is just nuts. Either head on to London for cooler temperatures or carry cold water and fix the air-con in your car.

We don’t control the weather – God does. Whining about the price of cappuccinos at Art Café is redundant – drink elsewhere or carry your own or stop going to places you can’t afford. I think you get my drift.

Macharia Gaitho put it beautifully – “accept and move on. Now we have this whiff of rebellion and disgruntlement from the Jubilants, who seem to be belatedly realising that they were mere voters, and not part of any power-sharing agreement.

It was President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto who were elected to rule as they saw fit, with the power to hire and fire without reference to any activists or two-bit politicians.

If the President makes appointments, whether good or bad, it is not for the opposition to cry foul and demand representation in public office. And neither is it for Jubilee cohorts to make sterile noises because they have absolutely no role in governing.

As the President pointed out not too long ago, those dissatisfied with his appointments can wait for their turn at leadership. This admonition applies to Jubilee cheerleaders as much as it applies to the official opposition”. Thank you Gaitho.

Incidentally, have you noticed that those complaining aren’t offering names of alternative candidates? They are not upset that the appointments were not done on merit – rubbish!

This lot is simply angry that they are out and now they are faced with two options - having to bootlick all over again or wait until the next time whenever that will be. Then there’s the special lot who realise it’s the only way they can still be relevant and make it onto the news.

Don’t feed the monster my friends. Ignore the whole lot and as Uhuru said, when they have their turn at leadership, they can make those cool appointments they are suggesting.

The rest of us are simply making noise now that that our wallets are empty and our bank balances a little lower. We have no value to add whatsoever. So please, better shut up and get on on with your life and focus your energy on the things you have control over.

Uhuru stopped listening ages ago and the guys who got appointed have printed their new cards and na wewe bado unapiga domo. Eish! Enough! Quit whining – get to work, the bills won’t pay themselves.

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