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February 18, 2019

What do you want for 2014?

What do you want for 2014?
What do you want for 2014?

Another year ends and now we are in 2014. I can’t be the only one who felt that 2013 wizzed by; it feels like we were just on The Chama discussing the elections Abduba Dida was making a name for himself during the debates.

2013 was gentle on me.  I did therapy this year.  Telling people this produces such a lull in conversation.  I watch them as they start to tilt their heads and gaze at me with a blend of pity and curiosity.

I went for about 8 months and I got so much out of it, I am going back for more.  There is stuff about us that is apparent to other people but we never see it and depending on our personalities and the quality of our friendships, nobody ever tells us. 

Your therapist is trained to do that – to gently point out these things so that you get to decide if you want to keep these sometimes limiting qualities. 

I saw that I can look at people and situations dispassionately, it is a great quality in a writer but if you are a friend on the receiving end of my critical eye, it can be excruciatingly painful. 

I saw that while colloquial wisdom says that women date men who are like their fathers, I am very similar to my father and so I tend to date my mother.  Oh and thanks to therapy, I can finally sleep with the lights off.

I stretched my TV presenter muscles and realized it is something I really want to do. I finished a 100 day yoga challenge and finally, for the first time in my life, saw myself as beautiful.  I also learnt that I am a very determined person.  After a few hiccups, which I now see as God’s benevolent timing, I launched Valentine’s Weekly and though it has been less than two months, the lessons are many. 

I think the biggest one so far is that it is not enough to have a dream and an execution plan; you just have to start. 

Plans change as the market place and your environment changes, but once you start, God has a channel through which to bless you, He blesses the work of our hands, not the fantasies that keep us up at night.  It has been amazing to see things fall into place and opportunities pop up where there were none before.

I also made some new friends who I am very excited about, and my family expanded as my brother got married.

So what do I want out of 2014?  More.  More money, more love and friendship, closer relationships that facilitate growth; I want to get back on TV and I want Valentine’s Weekly to reach five million women by the end of the year.  I also want to fall head over heels in love with a man who can’t get enough of me.  Ok, I am done wanting for me, I want more Kenyan women to feel empowered enough to make a list of wants and believe that they can make them come to fruition.

What about you?  What do you want for 2014?  I pray that it all comes to be and that it is all that you dream.

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